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Mamacise Postnatal Pilates:  We love Pilates

Mamacise Postnatal Pilates: We love Pilates

So full confession. I had never tried Pilates until I was pregnant with Freddy. And ever since that first class which was conveniently located next to a gourmet patisserie I have been absolutely hooked.

Postnatal Pilates is the best!!

So full confession. I had never tried Pilates until I was pregnant with Freddy. And ever since that first class which was conveniently located next to a gourmet patisserie I have been absolutely hooked. So three pregnancies and three lots of postnatal pilates experience means this is one of those things I feel super confident discussing from a personal point of view.
The last two years I have been going to Viva here in Brisbane and I love love love it. So much so that Matt tried it out when he retired from football and is now hooked too. We both go 2-3 times a week to the studio now that Ruby is a bit older. But when she was younger I really wish I could have done it at home. Why? Because it is so good for your core and your pelvic floor. Two of those areas that take a serious beating during pregnancy. But for those that have never tried, I thought it was worth chatting to the girls at Viva about Pilates and why it's so great, especially during that postnatal phase. So here is what they had to say...

What are the benefits?

Pilates benefits every ‘BODY’, but introducing postnatal safe pilates into your daily routine has wonderful benefits on the postpartum body in particular! Growing and delivering a tiny human into the world is a big undertaking for your body so it is important to respect the changes your body has gone through and understand where your body may need a little extra love and attention to bring it back to full strength! Postnatal pilates first and foremost is a safe and effective way to start to rebuild your core strength from deep within. Which in turn will help you achieve everyday physical activities with ease. Around 60% of women will experience Diastasis Rectus (abdominal separation) during pregnancy. Postnatal pilates helps to strengthen the core to repair your abdominal muscles and aid the healing process.
It is no secret that pregnancy and childbirth have a big impact on your pelvic floor muscles, postnatal pilates is a fantastic way to rebuild the strength of your pelvic floor and give you that extra confidence boost! Postnatal pilates helps to improve your posture, your body has been under a lot of stress carrying your baby for approximately 10 months and then as a new mum leaning over to feed, carry or nurse the baby can really affect your spinal alignment. Pilates can help realign your body, strengthen your mobility and have overall improvements for your posture.
Most importantly, Pilates is incredible for the mind and soul, rebuilding your confidence and giving you the opportunity to have a little ‘self care’, your body has been through a lot and has changed throughout your journey, pilates will help you take a moment to focus on your breathing and relax your mind whilst strengthening your body.

How is postnatal pilates different?

Postnatal pilates focuses on targeting the muscles that have been impacted by pregnancy and childbirth to help you restore your strength, in a safe and effective manner.

When should you do it?

It is important to get clearance from your doctor before undertaking any form of exercise after childbirth. Remember to be kind to yourself. Don’t rush into exercise until your body is ready to do so, you have already achieved so much.


Firstly, I want to say that I'm not being paid to promote this. I'm just really big on giving mothers at home with young children the opportunity to try new things. Getting out of the house some days can be really hard. But as a new mum it's so important to have those little windows of me time. This helps you to recharge your own batteries. And maybe some of you will fall in love with it like I did.
That's why these wonderful mums at VIVA created Mamacise, VIVA’s online postnatal exercise & nutrition program which is designed to help busy mums rebuild their body after baby.
Through the program they guide you through returning to exercise slowly and steadily, helping you to reconnect your abdominals and regain strength, confidence & energy. It combines elements of Pilates, strength work and low impact cardio so you can become a fit, healthy and strong mama!
postnatal pilates

The online program is made up of 3 phases and includes 26 postnatal workouts.

There are 5 x postnatal class types: Bubacise, Pramacise, Cardio & Core, Tone & Progressive Pilates. Plus they put it all together for you into a workout calendar for each phase. On top of that there is a postnatal nutrition guide created by leading Dieticians and Nutritionists, with loads of recipes, to nourish your body post-baby. The program also includes a VIVA classic equipment pack: booty band set, pilates ball, gliding discs & travel bag.
You can check it out here:
Plus because I am such a big fan of VIVA and pilates, they have offered the Freddy & Co family a $40 off discount.
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Seriously, as I said. I'm not being paid for this, no commission, I still pay for all my own classes etc. In fact, I approached these girls directly because I love Pilates. I think it is valuable for strengthening core and pelvic floor and I wanted to share with you. If you decide to give it a go, make sure you tag us in action. Your baby play mat makes a seriously amazing Pilates mat.