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Hooded Baby Towel:

Our hooded baby towel range is designed to grow with your child. Made from hypoallergenic bamboo, these soft and cuddly baby bath and beach towels are naturally antibacterial. Bamboo is also highly absorbent which makes drying wriggly babies a whole lot easier. The Freddy and Co koala hooded baby towel is also extra-large which means your little one isn't going to grow out of it. In fact, our towels fit babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.  Our cuddly koala hooded towel brings a little bit of Australia to your bath and beach experience. Designed in Austraila, our koala hooded baby towel features soft fluffly ears with a cute little face on the hood.

Why use a bamboo hooded towel?

Our Freddy and Co baby towels are specifically designed with your little one in mind. The size is small enough to suit a baby with a hood to keep your baby’s head warm. This is essential in the first few months of life until they can regulate their temperature. Finally, we have made our baby koala towel larger than most so that your little one does not grow out of it immediately. Furthermore the bamboo fabric is perfect for sensitive baby skin.


This bamboo baby bath towel is also perfect at the beach. The bamboo material is naturally mould resistant and they don't hold on to nasty smells. Simply wash and dry and your towel is good to go making it the perfect choice for both the bath and beach.

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