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Baby shower gift giving: the dos

Baby shower gift giving: the dos

Who knew something innocent like a baby shower could be so polarising. We are going to make it easy with our next couple of blogs focusing on baby shower gift giving.

We are making baby shower gift giving easier

Who knew something innocent like a baby shower could be so polarising. Some just love them and are keen to play all the games watching teeny outfits being unwrapped. Others cringe at the thought and stress over what gift to get. If you are one of the latter, we are going to make it easy with our next couple of blogs focusing on baby shower gift giving.

Here are our Baby shower gift giving 'Do'

Extra nappies and wipes:

Throwing in some extra nappies and wipes is always helpful. New mothers, especially first timers often are surprised by how quickly they go through packs of newborn nappies in the first few weeks. Most babies go to the toilet every time they feed (so every couple of hours) those first few weeks. Just remember to check first if the mum is planning to do cloth nappies… but then you can always get her extra liners and plenty of wipes to help make life easier.

Personalise it:

Did you get something when you had your child that you loved or cherished? Or did you get something when you were a baby that you have kept to this day? Maybe you can start a new tradition like giving a personalised money box or memento box. Think the kind of gift that will be treasured for years to come. Other cute, personalised items such as embroidered towels or blankets can also be a great idea. I’ve even seen our koala hooded towels embroidered which was super cute… just be sure you have the babies name spelt correctly and that they are set on it.

Group gifts:

New parents are often faced with a lot of expensive costs all in one go. Help a new mum out by getting together with a group of people and getting the mum to be a dream item. When I was pregnant with Freddy the girls from work all chipped in and got me the most incredible bouncer/baby swing. Group gifts mean you are often able to afford high quality items. I loved the baby swing I got and still used it with the next two kids (plus loaned it out to two other families). We’ve also seen this first hand with our play mats with the same customer explaining recently she was buying her 4th play mat as it had become her friendship groups go to baby shower group gift item.

Gift cards:

These are possibly one of the handiest gifts, especially if most of the items on the gift registry are already taken. Or if there is lots of colour options available on a product and you want to be sure you are getting the right one. By popular request from customers, we now have gift cards. These are on the website now to help make gift giving that little bit easier.

Food service:

Speaking of gift cards. Have you seen The Dinner Ladies? I recently bought a gift card for their meals for a friend with young children. She couldn’t speak highly enough of them. The website was easy and the food arrived on time and was sooooo tasty. It made me think how handy it would be for a new mum to have a stock of gift cards just for food. It would ensure she is fed, has one less task to juggle and can focus on those delicious newborn snuggles.
Dinner Ladies