Baby playmats. Designed for babies. Designed for parents.

Did you know there are no safety standards for baby playmats in Australia? Neither did we until we started looking for a playmat for our son Freddy after he was born in 2016. The designs we liked had no mention of safety. There were many that claimed to be non-toxic but didn’t have the testing to back it up. Then there were the ones that were non-toxic but not our style. Some were educational and others looked pretty. We wanted all these things. This was the problem we hoped to solve not just for ourselves but for other families too.

The idea of Freddy & Co started in late 2016, and we’ve been on a journey ever since. Our plan was to create unique, non-toxic baby playmats that appeal to both parents and children. Not long after Freddy was born we moved into our new home and realized that the bright cartoonish colours of Freddy’s existing playmat and toys took over the space. We wanted the home that we created to be nurturing and educational for our children while still representing us. Over the past five years our family has grown as the business grows. Freddy has been joined by his younger brother Patrick aka PJ and baby sister Ruby. This means as parents we are constantly finding new ways to provide other families fun, educational and attractive children’s products.

Our Baby playmat journey so far…

We worked closely with our Australian designer and collating international designs to come up with distinctive prints with each mat having an educational fun children’s side and an asthetically pleasing parent design. Currently, we have a large range of child focused designs and you can choose your own reverse side to suit your personal style. Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you have to lose your identity. Take the classic car, road map floor mat for example. This is a floor mat that many of us grew up with but they tend to be either carpet which is impossible to clean or designed in loud colours which clash with our homes. We didn’t want children’s designs that look, as one customer put it “like clown vomit”. Our Roadtrip car play mat is designed to grow with your baby through to toddler hood. Now as a primary school student Freddy still uses it as the base for his Lego cities. 

Freddy and Co is a family owned and operated business born from the love of providing a safe and toxin free play space for our sons while honouring our own interior design taste. Our playmats are tested to both European and US standards and have passed with flying colours. Now with three little ones to inspire us, Freddy & Co is continuing to grow. We have expanded beyond playmats to include more products with Playful Style. View the range here.