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Exploring the world on your baby play mat

Our World Map collection features our large TPU foam baby play mats. Showcasing the continents of the world, this collection aims to inspire your little adventurer. With three reverse options available, our exclusive world map is designed in Australia. This fun kids design is more than just a beautiful neutral image but has been carefully curated to include all the continents, a range of transportation vehicles and fun exciting animals for babies, toddlers and children to explore. Our baby play mats create a soft, safe and fun environment for children to explore the world as they progress through their milestones. 

Made from non-toxic TPU foam they are 1.5mm thick to provide cushioned comfort for babies exploring in tummy time, learning to roll, sit, crawl and walk. As your child grows into a curious toddler, these reversible padded play mats provide a soft cushioned and safe place to play and explore. Easy to clean with a damp cloth these play mats will be the centre of your play space for years to come. 

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