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Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQ)

FAQ - These questions are based primarily on our baby playmats. We hope you have all the information you need; however, if you have a question that isn’t answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us. Furthermore, if you have any feedback we'd love to hear from you. For further information on shipping and returns. Returns policy is based on QLD standards.

Freddy and Co playmats are made from a non-toxic TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material. This makes the mat soft and easy to clean. TPU is light weight, flexible material which is durable and our mats have passed international testing and are free from heavy metals, phthalates and formamide.

All shipping costs are calculted at the checkout.

Play mat and small items are calculated at a different rate.

All Freddy & Co baby playmats are sent via the fastest available courier at our discretion. Playmat boxes exceed Australia Post limits and therefore cannot be sent to PO Boxes or via the Australian post network. Smaller items will also be sent via next available date with couriers or Australia Post at our discretion. Authority to Leave (ATL) is assumed unless notified otherwise in the shipping instructions.

Your tracking details will be sent to you once your order is completed and your item is dispatched. We use Shippit as our shipping platform for most orders and this can be used to track your order. Please check your junk or spam folders as these emails may end up there.

Baby playmats will take some time to settle and for the curl to flatten out. To speed up this process there are a few steps you can try. Click here to see our full range of tips to flatten your playmat. You can also see a demo here.

Our play mats are not a traditional non-slip mat. Instead they are designed to be used on both sides while still providing cushioning. If you find your play mat slipping on your carpet or hard floors you can place a non slip mat underneath. These are available from both Bunnings and Kmart.

Due to their soft and flexible nature, Freddy and Co mats can be folded for short periods of time if required (E.g. to fit in your car for travel). However, if left folded for extended periods of time your mat may form creases which will take days to months to come out, we do not recommend storing for periods of longer than 3 days folded. For longer periods of storage time, your mat should be stored rolled, the carton and straps provided is the best place for this.

We do not recommend using your baby playmat outside. Exposure to sunlight, water and rough surfaces can cause damage to your playmat. If you do take your playmat outside, ensure it is thoroughly cleaned and dry before returning inside or being placed in storage.

Due to the soft flexible nature of your mat, sitting heavy furniture on it will cause dents in the material which may be permanent if the internal structures are damaged. We do not recommend that you place any heavy objects on your mat.

As our mats are waterproof they can easily be cleaned using a soft damp cloth. Ensure all spills and liquids are wiped up immediately and that your playmat is not left damp. For harder to clean messes such as those caused by food a mild detergent can also be used please view here for extra details. Please do not use any abrasive chemicals or scrubbing utensils on your mat as these may cause damage. Ensure your playmat is fully dry before turning over as moisture trapped underneath can cause mould.

Each playmat design is printed as a seamless image. These images are cut for each individual playmat and therefore each mat starts at a different point in the repeating pattern. No two mats are the same. All colours are also hand selected (not digitally printed) and therefore there is an accepted variation in colours. This means there may be some variation between each repeat within the one mat. Also, for this reason we do not recommend colour matching playmats side by side. Please contact us if you intend to do this.

Our TPU playmats are made from non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. Therefore as we do not use harsh chemicals to preserve colour, light coloured playmats may have yellowing along the outer seam where the sides are joined. This is not a fault and due to the non-toxic nature of the playmats. Furthermore, the non-toxic nature means additional colour change, yellowing or fading may occur over time on your playmat. We are proud of our non-toxic and environmentally friendly products and want to ensure customers are aware of these colour variations as it is not a product fault.

Unfortunately, we are unable to do a custom design. It is approximately 6months lead time for new designs with a 200 minimum order. All our available combinations are listed in the SHOP section.

The properties of TPU playmats which make them soft and supportive to babies and young children make them susceptible to damage from sharp objects. Sharp items such as pet claws, tools, metal toys with sharp edges, stiletto heels etc. should not be used on the mat as they risk damage.

Our play mats come with a 6 month manufacturing warranty. It is important to check your play mat carefully upon opening and notify us immediately if you suspect a fault. Manufacturing faults should be notified within 48-hours of opening. Items with faults covered under warranty will be replaced dependent on stock availability.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use including wear and tear or misuse including pets, shoes, incorrect cleaning products or sharp objects.  It is the customer’s responsibility to follow all care and cleaning instructions as stated on the website.

Yes we do. All you need to do is place your order online and we will include a copy of your invoice with your order confirmation email. Please make sure that all your details are correct when you place your order and that the shipping name is in the NDIS participants full name.

May Play mat restock – Pre-Order updates (World Grey, Roadtrip/Blue, Alphabet/Blue/Sand/Sage, Floral/Grey). 

14.05.22 It was too good to be true. Our ship is almost here but thanks to the excessive rain and flooding around Brisbane the past three days. The port has slowed down with unloading ships due to debris in the river. There is now a line up of container ships outside the Port of Brisbane. Our ship will be joining the queue and now looks to be unloading on the 20th. This means dispatch is now likely to happen around 25th May. We will continue to monitor and update here.

12.05.22 ETA is still the 16th of May (possibly even 15th). Once it arrives in port, it needs to clear customs then get delivered to us. If all goes to plan we are expecting to have all May pre-orders dispatched from May 20.

4.05.22 Container has an updated ETA of 16th May. At this stage we sill plan to dispatch after May 20. Keep checking back here for updates.

29.04.22 Still on track for the 14th of May with orders to be dispatched approx 20th May. Keep checking back for further updates.

20.04.22 We have just opened pre-orders for our double containers arriving mid-May. This ship departed yesterday and is due into Brisbane 14th May. At this stage we hope to have these orders dispatched from May 20 but will continue to update here.

April Play mat restock – Pre-Order updates(World Sand/Sage, Roadtrip/Grey/Sand/Sage, Alphabet/Grey). 

4.05.22 Container arrived today and has been unpacked. Over 500 pre-ordered play mats are labelled up and awaiting the courier. There will be 3 collections today (over 300 mats) with the remaining to be collected in two batches tomorrow.  By tomorrow afternoon all pre-orders will be collected. Make sure you check your email for tracking details and thanks for your support and patience.

2.05.22 Container arrived in Port of Brisbane on April 30th. Is Due to clear customs tomorrow for delivery to us on Wednesday 4th May. We will be dispatching Wednesday/Thursday. Keep an eye on your email as you’ll receive tracking info once collected.

29.4.22 We have confirmed the ship is still due to arrive in Port of Brisbane tomorrow 30th April. Our container has to clear customs and will then get delivered. We have everything ready to go and they will be dispatched ASAP. Once collected by the courier you will receive an email with tracking details.

20.04.22 Just received information that our ship will now arrive in Brisbane April 30. This means we will now dispatch orders in the first week of May. Please continue to check here for updates.

19.04.22 Ship is still on track to arrive in Brisbane on 25th April. The container may take a couple of days to clear customs and be delivered. We have our couriers already on standby and will be getting your play mats dispatched as quickly as possible once its delivered. Updates to be posted here during this week as we get information through. Fingers crossed we’ve seen the last of the delays and its just one week to go!!

08.04.22 Ship is currently on its way. The shipping channels and ports are still experiencing heavy congestion. The updated ETA into Brisbane is now 25th April. We are still hoping to dispatch late April and will continue to update here.

01.04.22 The ship has been delayed due to port congestion resulting in re-routing. New arrival date now after April 20. Still planning for late April dispatch. This will be subject to change and we will continue to update here.

23.03.22  Pre-order items due for late April dispatch. The ship is currently scheduled to arrive in Brisbane for April 10, but dates can be subject to change due to on going shipping delays, port congestion and customs clearance. We will continue to update via this portal.

April restock:World/ SageWorld/ SandRoad/ SageRoad/ SandRoad/ GreyAlphabet / Grey


May restock:

All other sold out designs will be part of our May restock. We will update when we have a date for pre-orders going live.