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Baby shower gift ideas: the don'ts

Baby shower gift ideas: the don'ts

Looking for baby shower gift ideas... here are the don'ts

Last blog we looked at the dos when it comes to baby shower gift ideas. But baby shower gifts can still be a bit of a minefield. So this blog is dedicated to the things to avoid when it comes to baby shower gift giving. A lot is common sense but there are also a couple that might surprise you.

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Baby shower gift ideas: what not to get

Don't go rogue

It can be super easy to get carried away when you are looking at your 5th adorable newborn onesie but if the new mum has put a lot of time and research into the items they want for their little one, it won't necessarily go down well if you choose to ignore this. While you may already have kids and have your own preferences and recommendations, it doesn't mean you can automatically overrule the mama to be. Plus there is also the risk on doubling up on extra items if someone else is following the registry. There is only one exception... if you got something off the list and you want to top it up with a beautiful swaddle, your fave kids book or onesie to go with the gift then we say go for it... as long as you haven't gone totally rogue.

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Be careful not to make assumptions

This one is especially important if you don't know the mum to be that well. Try to steer clear of items that make an assumption e.g giving bottles, if you don't know if she plans to bottle or breastfeed. The last thing you want to do is overload the new mum with stuff she doesn't need and has to store, re-gift or feel super guilty for donating.

Gag gifts

Having a baby can be super overwhelming and full of fluctuating hormones. Just because a new mother to be normally has a great sense of humour, doesn't mean a baby shower is the best time for a gag gift. Catch her on the wrong day or in the wrong mood and this one is a recipe for disaster...

Hand me downs:

I'm not saying don't give hand me downs as I'm a huge fan of the circular economy and reducing waste. It's just the baby shower isn't the time. It would be way better to invite the mum to be over sometime. Give her a cuppa and have a chat while going through the bags of hand me down clothes. Let her grab what she wants without making her feel like she has to take it all. Don't just drop off bags and boxes where she has to sort through then feel guilty for donating/throwing out damaged or stained items. Or if you have to do the drop off, reiterate that you can come back and take whatever she doesn't want or you are happy for her to hand on, donate or throw out no strings attached.

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Don't show up empty handed:

We all have those weeks where we are super disorganised. An event is coming up and you don't have a gift. Baby showers aren't just about gifts. These days the focus is on celebrating with the mother to be (or couple). However, the modern history of the baby shower is rooted on gift giving. Baby showers have still retained an element of providing new mums with useful items to support families in welcoming their new baby. Unless of course the family has asked for no gifts. So if you're about to run out the door and realise you don't have a gift. Jump online. These days lots of companies offer gift cards to provide a fun and useful item to welcome the new baby and you don't have to run to the shops on your way.

The shower served the function of providing the mother and her home with useful material goods.