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Tummy time fun: 7 Tips from real families

Tummy time fun: 7 Tips from real families

How do you make tummy time fun?

You guys blow me away. Sleepily, I roll over every morning for a sneaky scroll through our Instagram before the rush of the kids starts. I usually start by checking out what you are up to and view all the posts, reels and stories we are tagged in. Everyday parents, like us doing the best they can for their children. Freddy & Co is about way more than just being a pretty play mat. We want to inspire fun, adventure and creativity with your little ones. But the truth is, that you inspire us. So this weeks blog is all about sharing some of the fabulous ways you guys have made tummy time fun!


Here are our fave tips for making tummy time fun.

1. Sensory bottles are beautiful to watch and play with. I used to make basic ones for Freddy with a bit of glitter glue and pom poms as a way of reusing old water bottles. There are so many great DIY blog sites about… (hrmm maybe I’ll come up with a list of my faves). In the meantime, check out this amazing inspiration from @whenwildswander  
  sensory bottle tummy time fun padded play mat   
2. It’s always better when we are together. And with tummy time it's not different. This is such a great way to get siblings to be part of a new brother or sisters playtime. But if your little one doesn’t have a sibling, don’t worry. Lie down on your tummy opposite bub and have a chat/ sing a song or pull funny faces. @rimaagarwl on our World Map reversible baby play mat and @playwiththeotters on our Grey Geo play mat are showing us how it's done.
tummy time with siblingstummy time fun with siblings

3. These are a few of my favourite things. A toy they love. A comforter. Mums scrunchie or the TV remote. Babies love to look at everyday objects. Even wooden spoons and Tupperware lids can give babies something new and stimulating to look at. Put something in front of your little one that they love to look at and reach for. Even their favourite dummy will motivate them to push up and start to reach out. This one is all about thinking outside the box on what your little one might find interesting.  Such a clever idea from Mama over at @little_baby_ryan for sharing the dummy tip.

fun tummy time with favourite toys

4. Read a book. This one is just that easy. Newborn babies’ eyesight is still developing but there are some great black and white picture books available. As your baby gets old, switch them up with books that include a range of textures, or colours to keep them engaged. Just change up the books regularly. They will be so interested they won’t realise they are on their tummies. We love this inspiration from @everyday_of_emily doing tummy time on her Sand Safari play mat.
 read books for fun tummy time
5. Make a pat mat like @mr.phoenix.james. This is up there with sensory bottles and sensory hoops. Fun and totally doable and nowhere near as hard as you think. These guys make it look so easy. There are lots of blogs suggesting either the ziplock bag method or the laminating pouch method. Possibly the most fun idea yet. Great for both visual and touch sensory play. However, you choose to do it, just make sure you supervise closely as a leak will cause plenty of mess.
 tummy time mat
6. Toys that make noise are usually a big hit with babies. Unfortunately, they are often the bane of parents existence though. But if you notice your little one is particularly drawn to the sounds of certain toys make sure you save them up for tummy time. You can also get some specific toys such as shakers as your little one can start to explore their sound senses. Loving their toy full of sensory delight @the_bernardo_family on our Grey Geo padded baby play mat and @miss_pia.fia on our Australian alphabet play mats below.

tummy time fun with toys that make noise tummy time toys that make noise

7. Did you know you are never too old for tummy time. Once children are crawling we tend to overlook its importance. But tummy time can have so many benefits for older children too. Lying in tummy time while building, reading, drawing or even having some screen time increases a child’s core strength. These muscles are essential for posture and stability which is required for activities such as reading, writing etc at a desk. We love that @playthedayaway_ are still using tummy time when working with their magnetic tiles.
 padded play mat connetix tiles
Finally, in case you missed it. Each month our favourite reel, story and post win a gift voucher. Make sure you tag us and if your little one has a favourite way to enjoy tummy time let us know.