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Toy storage ideas that work

Toy storage ideas that work

Late last year we finally got the playroom back which means it's time to look at toy storage ideas. Discover some of my favourite toy storage solutions and the ones we have used for our newfound toy room.

Here's some toy storage ideas to help wrangle the mess

Late last year we finally got the playroom back which means it's time to look at toy storage ideas. For the previous 9 months the playroom had become an overflow room for play mat storage as our business had outgrown the garage and we were waiting on the warehouse to be built. Fastforward, we now have a playroom, plenty of toys and it's time to look at storage ideas.

5 Toy storage ideas:

Modular storage – plastic tubs:

This is my current strategy. Following some heavy Instagram research into playrooms. I wanted something that suited the full spectrum of ages and interest of our three children (Freddy 6, PJ 3, Ruby almost 1yr). I’ve gone with the TROFAST storage from Ikea, and Matt purpose built a craft bench in between two sets of shelves. I love it because everything has a home, like toys are stored together e.g separate tubs for wooden trains/ plastic trains/ cars. And when they are all packed up and pushed in it looks nice and clean and tidy. But is this really the best way? Do kids play with toys when they can’t see them?
[caption id="attachment_21481" align="alignleft" width="257"]rotation tubs Great display of storage tub solutions by @hendrixandhope_[/caption]

Montessori shelf:

This one speaks for itself. But if you’re not familiar with the Montessori approach, it is all about fostering independence. All toys, furniture etc should be child height, with the child able to have easy access to their items. There shouldn’t be any doors, drawers, or tubs but rather all toys are open on display for the child to make their own play decisions. This one can get a little hard. You don’t want to over fill the space as this reduces your child’s play and therefore may require a toy rotation system to support your toy storage.
[caption id="attachment_21482" align="alignleft" width="255"]Montessori toy storage Montessori storage solution by @playathomelearning[/caption]

Toy rotation:

Toy rotations is the easy solution to toy storage problems. You need to have extra large plastic tubs with lids. Instead of having all your toys out at one time which can lead to overwhelm and reduced play. Toys are separated into manageable groups with only some out on display. Toys are then switched on a regular basis.

Tilted bins:

If you’re not keen on rotating and you still love the idea of bins this could be a better alternative. Tilted bins have all the toys in easy to access bins on a shelf. Because the tubs are tilted on the shelf children can see what is in the bin, and they don’t have to pull them out. But everything is put away in organised tubs.
[caption id="attachment_21436" align="alignleft" width="262"]tilted toy storage Versatile tilted toy storage[/caption]

Storage Bag:

There is no denying that kids love lego but how do you store it away while they are not playing with it? Our storage bags provide a great storage solution for lego and because they pull together with a drawstring handle, you can choose how tight you want to pull ensuring that the lego creation isn't destroyed. Our storage bags also provide a great grab and go option for those car trips and days out where you know your little one is going to need something to keep them entertained.
storage bag

Do you have any toy storage ideas?

Have you tried something that's not here? We'd love to share it as we are always trying to help other parents. Be sure to tag us on socials so we can also be inspired by your toy storage solutions. Because at the end of the day we want to help you create a place for your little ones to enjoy their play. Bonus, you'll then be able to sit a moment and enjoy your coffee while it's hot.