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Why Child Care Centres Love Us 💙

Why Child Care Centres Love Us 💙

Something interesting has happened in the first few months of this year. We have been inundated with orders from day care centres.

So what makes Freddy & Co play mats the best play mats for day care centres?

1. Educational and Fun designs

educational play mat

Our baby play mats all feature a fun child focused design. We have Road Trip one of our original designs featuring a car and town scene. Great for motor skills, spatial awareness and social skills. World Map which shows the features of the world, with a range of animals on different continents and vehicles. Our Australian Animal mat features the Alphabet in both upper and lower case, with a range of Aussie animals from the very familiar magpie to less common species such as numbats. Finally, our collaboration with First Nation artist Bigi Nagala ‘Raising Children’ which tells the story of diversity and community in raising children. All our children’s designs feature a neutral reverse to suit every day care room.

2. Non-toxic

non-toxic play mat
Parents and carers can put their minds at easy knowing that they play mat that children are using is made from the highest quality non toxic TPU foam. This memory foam core provides soft cushioning protections for little ones as they explore their physical world. We have had our play mats thoroughly tested to both Australian and International standards to ensure they are free from nasties such as PVC, phthalates, BPA, and heavy metals.

3. Easy to clean

cleaning play mat
Our baby play mats are made from non-toxic TPU foam. The surface is waterproof and easy to clean. Wiping down with a soft cloth or a deeper clean with mild detergent makes this a safe and low maintenance choice for day-care centres. Read more about how to clean your play mat here.

4. Reversible

reversible play mat
With a fun and educational design on one side and a neutral interior friendly reverse side. Day care centres feel like they are getting two for one on when they purchase a Freddy & Co play mat. If you are looking for a fun invitation to play the child friendly educator designed side creates a highly engaging space. Or if a blank canvas is needed flip it over. Freddy & Co play mats are the ultimate versatile play mat.

5. Safe and cushioned

baby crawling mat
The memory core foam provided by the TPU foam makes this soft for both carers and children. Whether it is for protecting and providing a soft place for tummy time of new babies, group time, or a floor activity. The soft cushioned texture is comfy for both children of all ages and adults. This makes it easier for everyone to get down on the floor and make the most of your play space.

If you know a day care centre who would love a Freddy & Co play mat. Let them know about us or get in touch with our team if you're a centre needing multiple mats. We are always happy to help 🙌