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Cleaning baby play mats

Cleaning baby play mats

How to clean your baby play mat?

Drool, food, and messy play. Let’s face it babies make plenty of mess. If you want your play mat to last, it is going to be important to keep it clean. Cleaning baby play mats is important so today we're going to get down and dirty on how to clean your play mat. While we do mention that your play mat will change colour overtime, regular proper cleaning will keep your play mat in its best condition.

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Why cleaning baby play mats is important?

Keeping your play mat clean is important for its longevity. Baby play mats that are not regularly cleaned can become prone to stains, mould, and discoloration. So, to get the best out of your baby play mat this is how we suggest you care for it.

How to clean your play mat?

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Each time your baby play mat has a small spill, drool or it is important to wipe it up immediately. Some liquids can stain, particularly those that contain food colouring so we don’t recommend having them on your play mat. But if a spill does occur, firstly, we suggest removing the liquid with a paper towel. Then complete a thorough clean of your play mat.

For a thorough clean:

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  1. Add a few squirts of dish washing liquid to a large bowl.
  2. Fill the bowl with warm water.
  3. Dampen a soft cloth, microfiber is best,  using the solution.
  4. Start at one end of the mat and work to the other end rinsing the cloth regularly.
  5. Allow your mat to dry fully before turning it over to do the other side.

Finally, always check that any spills around your play mat are also cleaned up. If water or liquid seeps underneath your mat this needs to be cleaned immediately.

Cleaning baby play mats should also be done weekly to keep your play mat in optimal condition.