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A Play Mat For Kids…

A Play Mat For Kids…

Are play mats just for babies? We show you how to use your play mat through out the years.

Are play mats only for babies?

The simple answer is absolutely not. While baby play mats are so important in the newborn and baby phase for gross motor development (think tummy time) there are equally important benefits for toddlers when it comes to time on the play mat for kids too.

Play mats for kids is a thing and here is why...

Benefits of play mats for toddlers and kids:

Gross and fine motor skills

car play rug

A quality baby play mat is designed to encourage and promote play for toddlers and children. A well thought out pattern promotes interaction and movement in the form of play. Play is hugely important for toddler development as they explore their physical world. Designs with car tracks are important for developing hand-eye coordination through gross and fine motor skills. Toddlers will start to drive and move vehicles and toys on the mat. As they get older and imagination takes hold they will begin to create stories and scenarios on their playmat and start to drive in specific lanes and to destinations. Other designs may encourage children to match objects, drive boats or planes, and create small worlds. The soft cushioned texture encourages children to get down on the floor to play which strengthens core, shoulder and neck muscles.

Social and cognitive skills:

educational play mat

Children who engage in play are constantly developing social and cognitive skills. Playing both independently and with others assists in social skill development through imagination and problem solving. Designs such as our Australian Alphabet encourage letter recognition of both lower- and upper-case letters. While also featuring fun and engaging animals which are both familiar and less familiar. Sounding out letter phonics, saying animal names, reading and play are all excellent for communication skills. Other play designs such as our World Map and Road Trip promote spatial awareness, encourage exploration, as well as imaginative play.

A place to call their own:

neutral baby mat

Toddlers love to explore, often opening and closing cupboards, drawers and doors. A baby play mat is an essential centre of your toddler's play space and can be used as a way of helping them identify their safe zone. Promoting this space to your toddler as somewhere for their toys, snacks, reading etc. will encourage them to spend time in this space. That means you can relax knowing there are on a soft and safe surface which is also easy to clean. As a waterproof play mat you can simply wipe all toddler messes up with a damp cloth. As your toddler gets older you can encourage them to take ownership of the space to keep tidy, return toys, etc.

So there you have it, there are so many reasons why your baby play mat is valuable for toddlers and older children alike. A quality play mat should become a part of your family's home as a safe space for your children to thrive.