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Threading activities

Threading activities

More then just beads on a string there are so many ways to enjoy threading activities with your little learners. There are so many benefits to encouraging your children to participate in threading activities including motor skills, proprioception, foundational maths skills and problem solving.

More than just beads on a string -  there are so many ways to enjoy threading activities with your little learners.

When Freddy was a toddler, I started reading about the benefits of threading activities for toddlers and pre-schoolers as they are developing. While some of these were obvious, such as fine motor skills, there was a lot more to it that I had never thought about. For example, threading activities strengthen small finger muscles, support proprioception development (knowing where your body is in space), hand-eye coordination and problem solving.

There were so many other cognitive benefits too such as mathematical foundations of patterns, shapes and counting. As well as language development, colour recognition, social skills and concentration span.

Keep threading activities interesting:

It's good to change up your threading activities so that its not always the same beads on the same string - you can do this by threading onto different items or using different materials. Here are some fun things to try threading on…

kids threading activities
  1. Pipe cleaners: these are good for little fingers starting out. Unlike string they hold their shape and are easier to hold. Make sure the item you are threading onto it has a big enough hole to allow the object to pass over.
  2. Skewer: push the sharp end down into play-dough to hold it up right, then give your little learner a variety of objects to thread on them.
  3. String: an oldie but a goodie. Kids can make jewellery, key rings and hanging items by threading beads and other materials onto string.

What can I thread?

children's threading

To keep it fun give your little learners a variety of items to thread. These can include beads, buttons, cut up straws, pasta, yoghurt pouch lids, shells with holes, or even a hole punched shape for them to thread string through.

If you have a go at these threading activities be sure to tag us – we would love to see your little one in action. Make sure you check out our inspiration from @tinkeringwithted


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