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Mother's Day craft ideas...

Mother's Day craft ideas...

With Mother’s Day right on the back of Easter this year, it’s no surprise I’m worn out. I'm feeling like I'm lacking when it comes to Mother's Day craft ideas, here are some simple craft ideas that I came up with using items from home.

Looking for Mother's Day craft ideas and inspiration? Here's some new ideas to try

With Mother’s Day right on the back of Easter this year, it’s no surprise I’m worn out. I'm feeling like I'm lacking when it comes to Mother's Day craft ideas that the kids can make the Grandmother's/Great-Grandmother this year for Mother’s Day. I’m keeping it simple this year with things I already have at home so no fancy photo coasters to be found this year just plenty of love to go around. If fancy photo coasters are what you're looking for though, check out last years inspiration.

Ps…. I’m going to get Matt (aka Mr Freddy & Co) to proof read this weeks blog so maybe I’ll get a handmade card this year as well 😊.

Mother’s day craft ideas to get you started

Handprint art:

Handprint walking elephants: Picture this… Your child’s handprint (in paint or ink) upside down. The fingers become the elephant’s legs and the thumb is the trunk. I did the kids close together and drew in tails making sure the ‘feet’ were all level so it looks like the elephants are walking holding onto the one in front. Going to pop it into a little frame for the Grandma’s.
elephant finger prints

Handprint flowers: Same Idea but this time up the right way. Paint your kids hands beautiful bright colours and have them stamp it on white paper. Draw in stems and leaves and make it appear as if the handprint flowers are blooming in a vase. Bonus tip, don’t draw the vase, cut out a vase shape in different coloured paper to look like a pro.

finger painting flowers

Paddle pop stick craft:

Picture frames: When I was a little girl, I used to make these all the time for my mum. So this year the kids and I are going to make them for my mum as a little trip down memory lane present. We start by laying out 10 paddle pop sticks in a tight row to form the back of the frame. Then glue two sticks at each end to hold them all in place. Add another two sticks resting on the corners of the previous sticks and alternate until you have built up the sides of your frame. Glue in your favourite memento or even a photo. For us we love to go to the beach with Nana so we used some shells.

DIY frames

Things I love about mum hanger: This one starts off the same as the one before. Grab 10 paddle pop sticks and write down something you love about mum on each one. Lay them face down making sure they are all going the correct way. Then glue two sticks to the back to hold them all in place. Tie some string and you have a beautiful hanging message to mum.

Make a card, the easiest of Mother's Day craft ideas

If all else fails, make a card. Grab some cardboard, fold it in half and get out the craft supplies. The little ones can go crazy glueing, cutting and drawing to their heart's content. Add a heartfelt message inside and this is hands down my favourite Mother’s Day craft item to receive.

Mother's Day Craft

So there you have it. Some new ideas and one tried and tested to help the kids spoil a loved one this Mother's Day.