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Indoor activities for winter: toddlers and children

Indoor activities for winter: toddlers and children

Baby it's cold outside! The temperature has dropped and when the cold winds are blowing, all I want to do is hide inside. So to keep warm this winter you need some indoor activities to keep up your sleeve.

Indoor winter activities to try when you just don't want to go outside

Baby it's cold outside! So to keep warm this winter you need some indoor activities to keep up your sleeve. The temperature has dropped (here in Brisbane it was the coldest week in 104 yrs or something crazy). And when the cold winds are blowing, all I want to do is hide inside. As a parent of a baby not quite a toddler, a 4 and a 6 year old, I'm constantly looking for ways to keep the kids entertained where I don't feel like I'm being pulled in a million directions. So here are a few of the indoor activities we have been doing now that the weather has turned.

Sensory rice small world

Firstly, I refused to buy more ‘stuff’ for this one so the kids are using baking dishes from the kitchen… Plus I have bags of coloured sensory rice just sitting in our pantry waiting to be used. So I thought it was time to get it down and dust it off ready for some play. And the best part.. it won't harm Ruby if she puts it in her mouth (I bet it tastes gross though). I’m setting up a few world's for the kids.. The first is in the garden using the plastic toy insects I had in the play dough kit. Along with some rocks, stick and leaves that I let the kids go and find outside to add. Love to know your thoughts.. what else should I add? The second world we set up as a construction theme because I have a tonne of these little diggers in various parts of the house. I also added rocks and sand to have various textures in play. The boys had a blast playing in their little trays.
sensory rice play

Playdough DIY kit

Because I raided the play dough kit and removed the insects and diggers from it, I thought it was time to give it an overhaul. The play dough kit is now officially jungle themed and I have added animals, trees, sticks, and rocks to give the kids plenty of inspiration for their creations. Turns out what I saw as jungle themed was also zoo themed at one stage. The more inspiration and creativity the better I think… why limit them 😊

Getting them moving: obstacle course / floor is lava

While it is easier for me to set up quiet activities so they can play while I enjoy my coffee and Ruby naps, sometimes you need to get them moving. My two fave ways to get them moving inside (good for rainy days too) is obstacle courses or a game of floor is lava. We make obstacle courses a lot. Now the boys plan them and set them up on their own. In the early years we helped with this. To extend the activity and skill you could also get them to draw a plan first (great for spatial awareness and motor planning skills). When it comes to Floor is lava, it is simple. They can't touch the floor. So throw out some cushions and blankets etc and let them go nuts. Challenge them to see if they can get from the couch to the kitchen etc without falling in the lava and see how they respond.. if done with a sibling or friend this is also great for social skills and problem-solving.
obstacle course
We love when you write back or tag us in an Instagram post and show us how you are keeping your little ones entertained so please keep those coming. We will also be sharing reels of these activities in action on our page.