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Getting outdoors before Summer is gone...

Getting outdoors before Summer is gone...

The summer holidays are almost over. For most it means getting back to routine, but before the fun of holidays is over its time to make the most of those last few days.

Free fun outdoor activities for summer holidays

The summer holidays are almost over. For most it means getting back to routine, school, activities, work etc. but before the fun of holidays is over its time to make the most of those last few days. We have always been an outdoor family and since we started travelling full time in mid December we practically live outside. So I thought this week I’d throw a few ideas out there for getting outdoors and active before the holidays come to an end (maybe not for us)…

  1. Go for a walk – whether it is around the block, down the road to the park, around your local botanic gardens, with the dogs or with friends. There is so many great aspects of going for a walk. Sure, there is the physical activity but I find the kids really open up and chat when we are walking. If you ever want to encourage your children to share with you, a walk is a great way. Plus, over time they become far more observant and start to notice birds nests, unusual trees etc. There are great bushwalks all over Australia. Whether its in your local area, a drive across town or a day trip to somewhere interesting, a walk can be way more special than you think.

 outdoor kids activities

  1. Go fishing – both Matt and I grew up fishing on holidays. Matt was all about beach fishing on the summer holidays while my family tended to go out in boats. Now we are teaching the kids all about fishing and the responsibility that comes with it. Just like a walk, it’s a great chance to chat and spend time together. Even little Ruby loves running between us all seeing what we are up to.

fishing with kids, outdoor activities


  1. Have a splash – dams, pools, the beach or even under a sprinkler. Nothing screams summer holidays more than a splash. There are now so many great free splash parks around Australia or better yet, support your local pools or visit a friend who has one. Keeping cool, socialising, being active. Don’t be scared to get involved yourself! Your kids will treasure these memories forever.

 holiday activities

  1. Kick around a ball – This afternoon, after a big day of sightseeing and sitting in the car between stops we got back to the campground, Fred wanted to run on the oval across from us and PJ wanted his ball. Within a minute all 5 of us were out there playing and the kids couldn’t stop laughing and smiling. It was such a great family moment, and they didn’t even notice that they hadn’t gotten screen time. Win!

 outdoor fun with kids

  1. Bikes, scooters and anything with wheels – a bit like going for a walk but often the bikes and scooters come out when I’m feeling a bit lazy. We will go for a walk or find a bit of a loop and then I can sit on the bench and the kids go back and forth. Even Ruby has a go either on one of those little plastic trikes or on her scooter.
riding bikes with kids

So that’s it. Some fun outdoorsy activities to finish off the holidays before reality sets back in. P.S. if you haven’t seen our adventures (eek we are 6 weeks into 13 months around Australia!) then make sure you are following us on Instagram as I often pop things into our stories