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Easter baking with kids

Easter baking with kids

My kids love to bake. And about half the time I get on board with it and we find something to cook, last week it was chocolate crackles. Here's what we will be doing over the next few weeks.

Some fun easy and not so easy ideas for Easter baking with kids

My kids love to bake. And about half the time I get on board with it and we find something to cook. Last week it was chocolate crackles as Freddy had learnt the recipe at school (kudos to his yr 1 teacher who was making procedural texts fun). But mostly I stick to biscuits such as Anzac, choc-chip, jam drops, and gingerbread man with the occasional muffin or cupcake recipe to mix it up. But with the holidays coming up and catch ups with friends and family planned I know I need to shake it up a bit. Here's what we will be doing over the next few weeks.

5 Easter baking with kids ideas:

Biscuit decorating - Easter egg style

Starting off with the easiest first. This is a fun activity to do with kids, especially for a play date because its an activity to keep the kids busy. Plus, you then also have morning tea sorted. Simply get a pack of milk arrowroot or any oval shaped biscuits. Make up some icing and have edible decorations on hand. Let the kids go wild while you sit back and enjoy a hot coffee.
Easter biscuits

Easter rocky road

We got really into rocky road at Christmas so I really want to give an Easter version a go. You can add so many fun things like pretzels and those cute colourful speckled eggs. And even some creme eggs if that's your thing. Then break it up and package for gifts, enjoy yourself or take to a playdate. So so easy and fun. Here is the recipe I used for inspo.

Easter gingerbread

easter gingerbread baking
Bunnies, chicks, Easter eggs... Whatever shapes tickle your fancy. We always make gingerbread at Christmas but this time we are going to make it for Easter as well. This pic is definitely not my kids attempt as we are more the icing in hair and decorations everywhere kind of family. But I can pretend this is what the finished product will look like. Additionally, these also make great gifts, or a plate to share with friends.

Hot cross muffins/cupcakes

Take your favourite muffin or cupcake recipe and add some Easter flare to it. Simply get some icing and make them look like Hot Cross Buns. Such a simple and easy idea as you can use your tried and tested recipe or go for something a bit healthier like a fruit and grained based recipe but add the fun Easter twist.

Hot cross bun recipe

hot cross bun easter
This one is the most daunting of the lot but I'm really keen to give it a go... my friend Amanda from @brisbane_foodie told me about this recipe. The website describes them as "fluffy, fragrant, homemade Hot Cross Buns". And Amanda assures me that even my finesse lacking skills will be up to the challenge so if you're like me and want to give hot cross buns ago then check out this recipe.
So there it is, some fun easter baking with kids ideas to try. If you give them a go or have a better idea to share, make sure you tag us on Instagram . While you're at it I've also added some fun Easter craft activities to try as well.
Have an amazing Easter holiday!