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Taking your baby out for the first time

Taking your baby out for the first time

Taking a baby out for the first time is sometimes a worrying issue for most new parents, particularly first-time parents. Read our guide to discover our top tips for taking baby out.
Taking a baby out for the first time is sometimes a worrying issue for most new parents, particularly first-time parents. The concern is that a newborns  immune systems has not adequately matured and therefore will struggle to fight off illnesses. Read our guide to taking your baby out.

So, When Is It Safe to Take Your Baby Out in Public?

You've probably heard that you shouldn't take a baby outside for the first few weeks of theirBaby Ruby life. This information is typically provided by an old-school grandparent, aunt, or uncle who claims to believe they know it all.
The truth is, most pediatric health experts agree that infants can be taken out in public or outside as soon as their parents follow basic safety precautions. There's no need to wait until the baby is six weeks or two months old. Getting out, especially in nature, is beneficial to both parents and babies. Sunlight and fresh air are beneficial to one's health.

Tips on Taking Your Baby Out for The First Time

Feeling cooped up? Don’t worry! It's natural for the new parent to be nervous. Every new mum has those "what if" concerns. Pre-parenthood, you walked out the door with nothing but wallet, keys, and your cell phone. You're now in charge of a tiny baby who requires a plethora of items. What if you're caught off guard and don't have anything?
To help calm your nerves, we've compiled a list of tips for taking your baby out in public for the first time.


It is critical to keep your newborn at the proper temperature. It's a wise choice to dress your baby in layers, something you can remove and put back on. Dress them with one extra layer than you do.
If it's cold outside, keep your baby warm with a blanket and hat. Remove a layer or two when you enter the warmth of your home.
When the weather is hot, you must take extra precautions to keep your baby cool and protect them from the sun.
Don't be in a hurry to get anywhere. Gather everything without regard to time constraints. It makes no difference where you go. Make it a habit to double-check everything and get out of the house only when you are ready, even when you have to be somewhere 'on time'!
It's common for parents to use baby carriers to transport their child out in public. A baby carrier is one of the safest and most effective ways of carrying an infant, even when you are only going for a walk. However, we want you to be aware that you should devote more time to the safety briefing. This is because many people will make mistakes on this. You may strap your child incorrectly or even miss something important, such as a mount, that keeps the entire thing in place.
Baby Carrier
Before the baby arrives, practice using the car seat and stroller. Pack the nappy bag with nappies, wipes, swaddles and extra clothing for both of you ahead of time. For your first solo journey, don't go too far or plan ahead of time where to feed and change the baby.
Baby bag
Our last and the best tip: Take it slowly and cherish every single second because time goes by so quickly. There will be many judgmental people in the world, so ignore them and do what is best for you and YOUR baby!
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