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Baby Nicknames

Baby Nicknames

Did you have nicknames for your baby when you were pregnant? We had surprises so we had to have baby nicknames. Find out about some of the nicknames each of our children had.

Did you have a baby nicknames for your little one when you were pregnant?

With babies? Or with your little people? I must admit I used the Resume Test when we named our children… pretending that they had to fill out an application or go for a high-profile job. So our children have a formal first name which are all family names, with tonnes of scope for nicknames as we aren’t really formal people. And the baby nicknames started right from pregnancy.

We had surprises so we needed baby nicknames

With all three of our pregnancies, we did not find out our babies’ gender until they entered the world. I wasn’t a huge fan of referring to our little ones as “It” when I was pregnant so naturally a whole list of baby nicknames emerged.
Frederick aka Freddy our first child was called Jellybean, I’m not sure how it started but he kept this nickname all through pregnancy. However, once he came out all roly poly and delicious a couple of new nicknames emerged. The two I remember most were Bear Cub and Man Cub (yes, it’s a reference to the Jungle Book). Finally, these days he gets Freddy, Fred Bear, Freddo Frog and just plain Fred.
Patrick also had nicknames during pregnancy. With him I called him Little One a lot but he also got Jellybean and Munchkin as well. All pregnancy I was convinced we were having a boy so we had to put a lot of time into choosing a boys name as we’d already used our fave. What got us over the line with Patrick was our love of the nickname PJ. So Patrick Jackson became PJ, Peej, Peejy Parker (no idea where this came from), and Peaches.
Patrick Jackson
Ruby, is still really new to this world. Again she got jellybean, but I also just referred to her as little baby throughout the pregnancy as she felt smaller. Already she gets Baby Girl, Big Girl, Ruby Rubes and the other day one of her brothers accidentally called her Ruby Boobie. Hopefully that one doesn’t stick.
Baby nicknames
Whether your baby's nickname was Munchkin, Bear or Baby Bear, we'd love to hear what nicknames you used. Tag us on Instagram ( and share your nicknames.