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TPU foam play mats are here to stay

TPU foam play mats are here to stay

TPU foam play mats are great for kids because they provide a soft surface that helps prevent injuries. If you are pregnant for the first time or supporting someone with a young baby, you may wonder what these are? Over the last decade the popularity of foam baby play mats has increased. There are so many benefits to foam over carpet or fabric style play mats. Plus, they also allow kids to explore their environment safely, which encourages creativity and exploration.


Here's why we think foam play mats are the best.

Variety in design

reversible play mat

Our TPU foam play mats come in two sizes and shapes, our Round play mats and our Large baby play mats. Designed in Australia by educators, our play mats feature one child focused kids design to create an invitation to play. While having a reverse décor friendly side to suit you and your home. Just because you have had a baby, doesn’t mean you want your house to look like a rainbow. With lots of reverse options so there is one to suit your family. The hardest part is choosing your favourite design combo.

Creating a safe place for your little one

safe baby play

Vigorously tested to Australian and international standards. At Freddy & Co we are all about ensuring your little one is safe. We have had our play mats certified to the requirements of EN71 (European Safety), US Standards (US EPA 3550C / US EPA 8270E) and AS/NZS ISO 8124 (non-compulsory Australian standards). This means you can use them knowing they are non-toxic and you aren’t exposing your little ones to any hidden nasties. Finally the soft padded design with optimal foam density means all your little ones tumbles and falls are safely cushioned on the foam play mat.


Making life easier with TPU foam play mats

cleaning baby mat

They're easy to clean. The water-resistant surface makes dealing with spills and messy little ones a breeze. Simply wipe with a damp cloth. If the mess is a little trickier then clean with a bowl of warm soapy water such as dishwashing liquid. Make sure your play mat is fully dry before you turn it over and do the other side. Then when you aren’t using it (which will probably be never) keep your Velcro straps as our play mats can be rolled up for easy storage.

So there you have it, a few reasons why our TPU foam play mats are perfect for busy families. And the designs grow with your family too! If you want to see how other real families make sure you are following us on Instagram