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Creating a relaxing baby bath time routine

Creating a relaxing baby bath time routine

How to make bath time enjoyable for both you and your baby.

Making bath time enjoyable for both you and your baby

When it comes to bath time with babies there are some children who seem to be born loving time in the water and some that don't. Here we talk about how often to bathe your baby and the steps to take to make bath time a more enjoyable experience for both you and your bub. 

Bath times for newborns:

In the early days with your newborn a bath is only necessary 2-3 times a week to keep your baby clean. Newborns have very delicate skin and can dry out easily so make sure they are moisturised with a suitable baby specific moisturiser. If your baby loves baths you can definitely bathe daily but if not make sure that appropriate, thorough cleaning occurs during nappy changes. If necessary, your baby may require a barrier cream to protect from nappy rash – we love this one.

Bath time for babies:

As your baby loses that sleepy newborn phase and becomes more active, you’ll notice that they start to require daily baths. Bath time can become a beautiful time for you to bond and a regular routine for your family.  

To make bath time more enjoyable and less stressful for you all, being organised and establishing a routine can really help.

Here are our easy tips to make bathing your baby a breeze:

  1. Make sure your room isn't cold. Babies lose temperature much more quickly than we do so a cold room may upset your baby before you've even stared. 

  2. Lay out everything you need before hand.

    This includes:
  • Baby bath towel
  • Body/hair wash
  • Baby bath
  • Outfit to change into
  • Fresh nappy
  • Moisturiser and nappy cream


  1. Check your baby's bath water is a safe warm temperature. There are plenty of thermometers etc on the market you can use, however you can do this by touch. A safe baby bath temperature is around 37-38 degrees Celsius or your body temp. Add some baby bath wash to the water to cleanse your babies skin while nourishing it. We recommend using a soap-free wash because it is more gentle on your baby's delicate skin.


  1. Always keep a hold of your baby. There are some pretty handy looking slings and wedges for assisting with baby bath time but these don’t replace full supervision and keeping a hold of your little one at all times. Some great bonding opportunities include singing or talking to your baby while you wash them. Keep movements slow and relaxed to create an enjoyable soothing experience.


  1. Carefully lift your baby out of the bath and place on the towel laid out. Wrap your little one up immediately and dry thoroughly to avoid your baby getting cold. You may need to add a cuddle and an extra couple of minutes singing and talking here to keep your baby relaxed.


  1. Once thoroughly dried you can moisturise your baby by gently massaging their muscles.

    It' a great idea to add a baby oil into your massage routine to nourish their skin and make it a soothing experience before bed time. Then add a nappy cream if your baby is prone to nappy rash before popping on a fresh nappy and dressing your baby.

Gently playing music during this time can also help create a soothing bath environment.  

If you're in need of good quality baby products that work to protect your baby's delicate skin, we have an amazing range of baby bath and skincare products that are formulated with gentle, natural ingredients – you can check them out here.