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Free family activities

Free family activities

As the summer holidays are fast approaching we are always looking for fun free family activities and little adventures to take with our little people. Here are some free family activities you can do anywhere this summer.

Free family activities you can do anywhere this summer

As the summer holidays are fast approaching we are always looking for fun free family activities and little adventures to take with our little people. We are beach people and can be found most weekends down at the Coast but there are so many other fun and free activities that we are going to try this summer holidays. Here are our top picks.

Take a picnic

Whether you want to go for a driving day trip, a visit to your local park or even just do something a little different in your backyard. A picnic is a fun way to spend time together as a family. Get the kids involved in planning and packing. Take your play mat or fave picnic rug and set up a fun feast to bring a little adventure to your summer holidays.
picnic free family activity

Visit a museum / tourist centre / eco centre

If you are in a city there are probably lots of museums for you to choose from. But even our smaller towns have mini museums, tourist centres and eco community discovery centres. Head to your local tourist info centre to get a guide on what is available in your area. Here in Brisbane, we have botanical gardens, museums, art galleries, the planetarium and even the Boondall wetlands eco centre. Maybe you have something like this near you.
free family activities museum

 Go for a bush walk

A lot of areas have designated green space. Meet a friend and take the kids for a walk under the shade of the trees. If you are feeling more adventurous head to your closest national park or state forest instead. When I was a child, I used to love going for bushwalks in the Daisy Hill Conservation Park where we would try to spot Koalas. We would always finish the walk at the Koala discovery centre. Do you have something similar near you?
 free family activities bushwalk

Create a backyard movie night

Chairs, beanbags, picnic rugs and pillows. Create an outdoor movie experience complete with popcorn. Hang a sheet up or bring out a screen and get cosy with your loved ones this summer.
 outdoor movie night free family activity

Get wet

Lots of options here. You can go for the obvious here and visit one of the many great beaches, either real or manmade around the country. Head to a local water hole or damn where swimming is allowed. Visit the local pool (for a small cost) or visit a friend with a pool. But for something a bit fun or different give the splash parks a go. We head in to either Southbank or Wynnum here in Brisbane but there are lots around. Check out these sites for lists of splash parks. There may be one in your area…
free family activity splash park
Rest of Queensland
Did we miss your area? Send us an email with a list of splash parks in your area and we'll add it to the list.
But no matter what you choose, enjoy spending time with your family this summer. It doesn't have to cost a fortune.