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Father's Day Activities: Fun at Home

Father's Day Activities: Fun at Home

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really starting to notice the differences on how we prepare for special occasions such as Father’s Day. So here are some simple activities to do at home to celebrate with dad.

Stuck in Lockdown or playing it safe? Here are Father’s Day Activities to try at home.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really starting to notice the differences on how we prepare for special occasions such as Father’s Day. No longer do we plan to go places such as brunch or book golf days. Instead, we focus on activities that can be done anywhere in the hopes of making yet another day at home feel a little different and dare I say special. So with Father’s Day coming up here are a few simple activities that you can do at home to create a special Occasion to celebrate those you love.

Indoor mini golf:

Matt is a huge golf lover, and it was a Father’s Day tradition that we would get him a round of golf for Father’s Day. Sorry babe, the secret is out. This year we are setting you up a mini golf day at home. Just like the instructions we used in our ‘create a carnival’ blog. We used cardboard boxes with holes cut out, then a series of towels and objects to create a series of challenging golf holes.
mini golf

Scavenger hunt:

This one can be done at home or out on a walk depending on your family. It’s a fun one for all ages as well. You can make your own lists or there are plenty online to make it easier. Here are just a couple we found for inside and outside adventures.
scavenger hunt

Sleepover/ camping trip:

This one depends on a couple of things. How old the little ones are, what the weather is doing, and how well Dad copes with interrupted sleep 😊. But what could be more fun than creating a slumber party in the lounge room,  or setting up a tent in the yard and having a big cuddle puddle sleep over to celebrate your loved ones.
camping trip

Movie Night:

This one could be a fun family night in. Pizza, popcorn and your favourite movies from your childhood. This Father’s day bring out all the nostalgic stops with a movie night. Some of our fave’s include the Lion King, Jungle Book, Herbie, The Incredibles, and Finding Nemo… Popcorn, DIY choc top ice creams  and homemade pizzas are just some of the foods you can have fun making together before the movies begin. Better yet combine it with the lounge room sleepover for an extra special experience.
movie night

Balloon juggling competition:

For those with competitive little ones. We have a balloon juggling comp on days we want to get the kids active but the weather is poor. Instead of competing against each other, this one is all about trying to beat your PB. You can even set up a whiteboard to keep the scoring going long after Father’s Day weekend.
So whether you are stuck inside, have a yard to roam, or aren’t even in lock-down. Here are some fun ways to spend time with your loved ones this Father’s Day.