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Aarrgh me matey!

Aarrgh me matey!

Every child loves to dress up and pretend to be their favourite character. School holidays can be demanding and trying to find activities for your kids to enjoy and keep them entertained can be difficult. Here are some fun Pirate Activities to help fight that holiday boredom.

Pirate activities for the whole family

Every child loves to dress up and pretend to be their favourite character. School holidays are here and it can be hard to find fun activities to entertain your children while you are working or purely just trying to clean the house, do the laundry or clean the dishes. Sunday 19th September is Talk like a Pirate Day and so here are some fun Pirate Activities that the children and even the big kids will love.

Wave in a jar

What you need:

food jars
food colouring
vegetable oil


  1. Fill half the jar with water
  2. Add 2-3 drops of food colouring
  3. Fill the rest of the jar with Vegetable Oil
  4. Seal the jar tightly
  5. Let your child create waves but shaking the jar

Island Hopping

This activity is not only fun but will also help to improve your child's gross motor skills and balance. It's simple to set up and everything you need is right there in our living room.
Lay out your cushions or pillows across the floor and get your child to hop, jump or step onto each cushion while coming up with stories about alligators, treasure and pirates. For extra safety, place the cushions on top of your Freddy and Co play mat to ensure a soft landing should your child lose balance.

Treasure Chest

What you need:

shoe box or similar size box
Mix of craft decorations - to decorate the box
mix of dress up items - these items can just be stuff you already have at home - play crowns, tiaras, pearls, hair ties
treasure chest


Let your child's imagination run wild with this one. Cut and glue different shapes, feathers or paper, flowers or leaves to the outside of the box to create their treasure chest.
Once the decorating is complete and the glue has dried ask them to fill their treasure chest with different treasure they can find around the house. You might even like to get them to think a little harder by asking them to find treasure that starts with certain letters of the alphabet.

Treasure Cave

Create a Treasure Cave or hideout to hide the treasure in. Below are some examples of how you can create this:
Teepee or pop up tent
old sheet thrown over their drawing table
old sheet spread across two dining chairs
Decorate your Treasure Cave with X marks the spot and a flag with the skull and crossbones.
Remember we love seeing all the fun you are having at home so please share your photos with us on Instagram.