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Silicone Stacking Toy: Rainbow stacker| Every day play

  • $34.95

95% Cotton 5% Elastane

120cm x 120cm large swaddle size

Breathable and soft

Multi-purpose: swaddle, pram-blanket, nursing cover, change mat, play mat and comforter.

Multipurpose swaddles have so many uses:

- swaddling

- blankets

- pram covers

Jersey material is warm, breathable and stretchy.

120cm x 120 cm

Rainbow Stacking Toy | Silicone Rainbow Stacker

A rainbow stacking toy to brighten any day. Our newest silicone rainbow stacker toy  brings a whole lot of fun and imagination to your little ones play. This stacker is a safe and fun way to invite children into open-ended play. Creating a fun and say play experience for your baby and toddler.

Open ended play and toys are important for your children's cognitive development. They encourage more than just imagination and creativity. Open ended play also promotes problem solving skills while improving motor control. As this toy is made from silicone in can also be used in the bath or as a teether. Easy to clean in warm soapy water such as dishwashing liquid. It is also dishwasher safe!

Made from 100% Silicone this stacker is free from nasties such as BPA, PVC and phthalates.

The silicone stacker toys also come in the round stacker and  star stacker.

Features: Silicone rainbow stacking toy

Dimensions: approx 19cm x 9cm

Cleaning your silicone stacker toy is a breeze. Simply wash in warm soapy water using dishwashing liquid. Your stacker is also dishwasher safe, using the top shelf only.

Benefits of stacking toys:

The silicone rainbow stacking toy has many benefits for toddlers and babies. Stacking toys such as this rainbow can help babies develop their fine and gross motor skills. Furthermore, they encourage  ordering and sequencing skills, problem solving and hand-eye coordination. The rainbow stacker also encourages imaginative play as little ones form bridges, tunnels and anything else their imagination desires. The non toxic silicone nature also makes them the perfect teething toy for little ones as well.

A fun open ended toy, perfect for your little one from baby right through to pre-school age. Check out our full range of stacking toys.


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