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Baby Muslin Swaddle | Cotton & Bamboo Baby Wrap

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Muslin Baby Swaddles are lightweight, breathable and so soft

Our large sized muslin swaddles are so soft and gentle on newborn babies skin. A simple way to swaddle your baby, our Bamboo and Cotton baby muslin swaddles are available in a range of beautiful classic plain colours including Flossy Pink, Sky Blue, Ochre, Burgundy and Sage. The simple modern colours make the perfect baby shower and new baby gift. And are a must have for all homes and baby bags. A muslin swaddle in the baby bag can be used as a nursing cover, pram cover, change mat, play mat and of course as a swaddling blanket. The large size makes it easy to wrap and swaddle your baby.

Muslin Baby Swaddle benefits:

Swaddling your baby helps with the transition from womb to the outside world. By gently restricting arm movement, you are supporting your babies sleep as babies are often still impacted by the Moro Reflex which can startle babies awake.

Made from Cotton and Bamboo, our swaddles have the added benefits of bamboo materials. Bamboo baby muslin swaddles are naturally hypoallergenic reducing the risk of smells and irritation from dust mites and bacteria which can build up in other materials. The bamboo also creates an incredibly soft material which gets softer with each wash. The bamboo cotton composition is also thermo-regulating meaning it is breathable and can reduce the risk of overheating.

Features include:

    • Material: 70% bamboo and 30% cotton
    • 120cm x 120cm large swaddle size
    • Breathable and lightweight cotton/bamboo material
    • Multi-purpose: swaddle, pram-blanket, nursing cover, change mat, play mat, comforter and pram blanket.

Did you know? Research suggests that a swaddled baby falls asleep more quickly and stays asleep for longer. We have our fingers crossed for you.

Our range of Bamboo and Cotton muslin baby swaddles are also available in Rainbows, Australian Native Floral, Australian Animals and Construction Vehicle prints.