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Australian Floral Muslin Swaddle | Cotton & Bamboo Baby Wrap

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Cotton and Bamboo Australian Floral Muslin Swaddle featuring Banksias and Warratahs

Our muslin swaddles are large in size and made from soft bamboo and cotton making them the perfect choice for sensitive newborn baby skin. Our Australian floral muslin swaddle design incorporates your favourite Australian bush flowers including the banksia, warratah, eucalyptus gumtree blossom and bottle brush. Muslin blankets are so soft and breathable making them a must have gift for baby showers, new baby arrivals, and a nappy bag staple item. Large muslin swaddles not only make the perfect wrap for sleeping babies, but can also be used for pram covers, as a pram blanket, nursing cover, play mat or change mat.

Australian Floral muslin swaddle benefits:

As babies make the transition from womb to the outside world swaddling provides newborns with gentle touch and support. The comforting swaddle wrap supports babies as they sleep reducing the impact of the Moro Reflex on baby arm movements. This means babies are less likely to wake themselves up by startling themselves with flying arms.

The soft breathable fabric of these swaddles is a cotton bamboo muslin composite. Adding bamboo has many benefits including the creation of an incredibly soft material which gets softer with each wash. Bamboo is also naturally hypoallergenic which reduces the build up of smells, dust and other irritants in the fabric. Plus the natural fibres are thermo-regulating which creates a breathable sleeping wrap for your baby.

Features include:

    • 70% Bamboo and 30% Cotton
    • 120cm x 120cm large swaddle size
    • Breathable and lightweight cotton/bamboo material
    • Multi-purpose: swaddle, pram-blanket, nursing cover, change mat, play mat, comforter and pram blanket.

Did you know? Research suggests that a swaddled baby feels more secure, a bit like its being hugged or back in the womb.


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Our range of Bamboo and Cotton muslin baby swaddles are also available in Rainbows,  Australian Animals and Construction Vehicle prints. As well as beautiful modern plain colours including Flossy Pink, Sky Blue, Ochre, Burgundy and Sage.


Note: Images, colours and prints differ between muslin and jersey swaddles and wall prints.