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Hospital Bag must haves

Hospital Bag must haves

So you’ve started packing your hospital bag and you are following the list from your doctor/hospital. Here are 5 things you’ll be grateful to have in your hospital bag. I know I was!

Hospital bag must haves… 5 things you probably didn’t think of…

hospital bag must haves
Packing your hospital have items

So you’ve started packing your hospital bag and you are following the list from your doctor/hospital, make sure you don't forget theses hospital bag must haves. You have the basics covered… nappies, onesies, clothes, toiletries, phone charger… but what about the things they don’t remind you to bring. Let’s be honest, if you’re anything like me then late pregnancy is not great for your memory or forward thinking. My first pregnancy I packed at 34 weeks and followed the instructions to the letter. My second pregnancy; however, I was hot, sore and tired and basically just added to a pile of clothes on the chair as they came out of the laundry. I couldn’t find my list, I knew there were things I wish I’d had last time, but I couldn’t remember what they were. So some friends and I did some brainstorming and have come up with 5 things you’ll be grateful to have in your hospital bag.

1. Easy access PJs/Shirts (maybe you thought of this one)

When it comes to hospital bag must haves, this one sounds like common sense but seriously, you need shirts or Pjs to wear around where you can easily open it up for breastfeeding. Especially with your first the more access the better. Babies learn to feed by feeling their way to the breast and you don’t want to be digging through layers trying to find your boob when your baby is hungry and you’re sore and tired. Yes, have something nice to wear home and get some pics in but mostly making life easier for you and bub is so important.

2. Gel Breast Pads (Hydrogel discs)

Another hospital bag must haves is for the ladies. If you’re hospital is like mine they may have a creative alternative to this (hello frozen water filled newborn nappies). But if it doesn’t these pads are a god send. When your milk comes in and your boobs swell up these are a life saver. They also soothe sore nipples – because even thought they say feeding shouldn’t hurt – unless you’re regularly sticking your nipple in a vacuum cleaner its going to take a while to adjust. Anyway, these things are a must have in hospital and your first few weeks at home until your body adjusts.

3. Breastfeeding Pillow

Let’s be honest, you’re going to spend a lot of time sitting and feeding in those early days. A breastfeeding pillow wraps around you supporting the baby’s weight. This takes strain off you and can free up a hand to help your baby correct latch. If you plan to use one at home, bring it to the hospital. That way the midwife can also give you some advice on best positioning etc for your pillow. I don't know why this one doesn't appear on more hospital bag must haves.

4. Snacks

Ok anyone that knows me is probably not surprised that I had to add this. I eat A LOT. I’m basically always hungry. Well after giving birth (no matter what type – I’ve had both) I was so hungry. Hospital food usually runs on schedules so if you get back to your room late you might not feel like waiting while they try to rustle you up an cold sandwich. Plus, when you’re breastfeeding (or trying) and your milk is coming in your body is chewing through the calories to provide for your baby. This makes you hungry! I remembered for my second birth and had heaps of snacks, trail mix, fruit, sesame snaps and muesli bars… and I got through most of it. Seriously, put snacks that you love on your hospital bag must haves list - you wont regret it.

5. Good book or something you enjoy doing…

And for the final hospital bag must haves... is something just for you. Your new baby is very limited in what they are going to do. Basically, they feed A LOT, sleep EVEN MORE, and go to the toilet. All that time feeding and sleeping means you may be looking for something quiet to fill your time. With both my babies I got through more books in the first six weeks of their lives then the next six months. Absolutely rest while they sleep if you can but if you’re not really the napping type relaxing and having some me time while you’re baby is snoozing is the next best thing.