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What are the benefits of a Mother's Group?

What are the benefits of a Mother's Group?

Having a rough time with your newborn? Who better to chat to than other mums. Some mother's groups get a bad rap so we chat with the Founder of Mamma's Collective to get the inside scoop.

The Benefits of a Mother’s Group

I'm the first one to preach the benefits of a Mother's Group. I've been having a bit of a rough couple of weeks and was starting to feel all of the overwhelm, and I realised that I haven't seen my Mother's Group girls in a few weeks. Who better to catch up with and feel like losing your lollies from time to time is totally normal then other Mums. A lot of Mother's groups get a bad wrap so we had a chat with the Founder of Mamma Collective to get the inside scoop. So here it is...
Firstly, to understand the benefits of a mother's group you need to know what they are. Basically, it's a group you join to connect with other mother’s who have had a baby at a similar time to you (ideally within 6 weeks of you). Having babies within a similar time frame means you are all experiencing a similar developmental stage with your babies as well as navigating your own postpartum life. In other words who is better to vent about the 4 month sleep regression then other parents battling the same thing.
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Here is why they work...

Gone are the days of having a physical village to help support your journey into parenthood. A mother's group can fill this void, particularly if you don't have family and friends with babies nearby that can provide support. The benefits are huge to have women to bounce off and ask questions to that are going through a similar journey. Whether it be feeding, sleeping and routines in the beginning. To starting solids, toilet training tips and transitioning from a cot to a bed as they grow. Women often make life long friends from their mothers group because it’s a transformational time but you also lean on these people in a way you have never needed before in this life.

What do you do in a mother’s group?

At Mamma Collective it is a structured 10 week mother’s group with different evidence based speakers each week who come and share their expertise. The speakers are tailored to new babies or the recovering female body. We aim to give facts and information. To take the confusion out of the saturation of information new mothers are already navigating. We also provide good coffee and brunch because every new mother is hungry. Our groups are organised in the age of your baby. For example 0-5 months or 6-12 months and are a maximum of 15 women to ensure a cohesive group can be built. We also encourage a judgment free space as this motherhood gig is hard enough!
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When is it the wrong fit?

Not all Mother's group are created equal. At Mamma Collective there is guidance and a judgement free space. Unfortunately there are some Mother's groups that aren't that way. If you feel uncomfortable, judged or anxious to attend this may not be your tribe. This is why we liked starting off in a structured environment. But try to give it a month to try make a connection before deciding it’s not for you. As there may be another mum there in the same boat as you.

Finding the right mothers group.

There is a element of luck to find like minded women who have had a baby at the same time. Have faith though. Other mothers want Mum friends. Everyone is in the same boat (trench, really) trying to do the best they can. And we all want companionship down there!