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Christmas Gift Guide: 3 to 4 Year Olds

Christmas Gift Guide: 3 to 4 Year Olds

Our little Christmas Gift Guide for 3 and 4 year olds

Here is the last one in our little series and it has been perfectly timed as PJ is now in this age bracket and I need to figure out what I am getting him for Christmas... eek! We have several suggestions from little stocking stuffers, noisy, colourful, fun and practical tidying up ideas. In fact, we are about to spend the next 12 months travelling with our kids in a caravan and several of these items are making the cut to fit in our very short packing list. I wonder if you can guess what they are 😉.

Wild dough

If you haven’t tried this play dough yet it is a must. It doesn’t dry out, provides hours of fun and if you look after it, it lasts sooooo long. We have four tubs at home still going strong and all three of the kids regularly ask to play with it. Great for fine motor skills and strengthening little hands in preparation for learning to write. You can add cutters, stamps etc. or just let their imaginations roam free.

wild dough play dough play mat

 Musical instruments

We love this set from Baby Noise. Because even though some days I hate the thought of the noise. Music is so important for little ones' growth and development. Plus, let's face it, they love it so much! The benefits of playing music themselves far outweighs simply listening to it. By playing an instrument children build fine and gross motor skills. It supports their sensory development and hand-eye coordination too. Almost making the noise worthwhile...

musical instruments baby play mat

Toy storage gather play mat bag

Let’s face it, by 3 or 4 years old your little one has acquired such a selection of toys, making a toy drawstring bag have several benefits. Firstly, you can simply pull the string and all the toys are scooped right up into a nice neat and tidy little bundle. Secondly, when your little on insists on taking all of their little things on the go with them it is an easy way to transport them all and is quick and easy to tidy up.

toy storage play mat gather bag

Play couch

A play couch has become a bit of a playroom staple these days. They are so good for encouraging pretend play, as well as assisting in cognitive, motor and social skill development. Personally, we love this one by Little Adventurers Play Couch because like us they have kids at the heart of their design. With fun and playful patterns and easily washable covers, this is an Aussie brand we can get behind.

play couch baby play mat

 Connetix Magnetic Tiles: 

We have two sets of these —  the geometric and the ball run — the kids cant get enough of them. The geometric and normal shaped tiles are great for 3+, but I must admit the ball run is still a bit tricky. Freddy at 6 helps PJ connect the clear ball run parts which require clicking together. I can definitely say that at when he was 3, PJ was able to come up with so many creations on his own and just loved playing with these tiles. In fact, every kid that comes over is drawn to them. Pretty and fun these are a huge win. 

connetix magnetic tile baby play mat