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What is Children's Day?

What is Children's Day?

World Children's Day, sometimes known as Universal Children's Day or International Children's Day is November 20. You might think your children run your life like me, but this is not what this day represents. Read more here.

Why celebrate Global Children's Day?

It is that time of year again, World Children's Day, sometimes known as Universal Children's Day or International Children's Day is November 20. And if you are like me you are probably thinking, every day is children's day. They basically run my life and my world revolves around them. They hardly need a special day of acknowledgement. But that isn't what this day is really about.

World Children's day: Its history

Celebrated on November 20 each year, this date holds significance for children and their rights globally. 20th November is the anniversary of when the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 959. This was also the date in 1989 when the UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child .  
In some countries around the world Children are still living in shocking conditions. Whether it is through forms of abuse, exploitation or discrimination. Children in some places are still used as laborers, forced into armed conflict, living on the streets or suffering from discrimination. Organisations such as the UN are working hard to create a world where all Children's rights are respected.

What are small things we can do in our own community?

While it may seem like these problems are a long way off. There is still a recent history of not treating children with respect in our own society. So with that in mind here are some little things we can all do everyday to ensure we are giving the little people in our lives the respect they deserve.
  • Using a child's name. Whether greeting, farewelling or in general conversations it helps build connection when you refer to the child by their name.
  • Listen with genuine care when little ones are speaking. Instead of dismissing, or ignoring when you are busy, Take a moment to hear what children are saying to you. Don't forget the non-verbal cues they give as well.
  • Use positive language with children around you. Your choice of words, tone, and facial expressions are important when you are communicating with children.
  • Give them time and space to explore in a safe environment. Instead of always controlling, provide opportunities to encourage independence, problem solving and social skills.
  • Give respect. If you have ever had another adult speak poorly to you or belittle you, you will understand how hurtful it can be. Ensure that all your communication with children offers them the respect they deserve as a part of our community.
Want to celebrate?
This World Children’s Day, UNICEF is hosting a virtual art show. They are inviting your little artists to "re-imagine a better world by drawing, painting, building or designing your version of a better world!"
Once your artist has created their work you can submit  submit your artwork for the world to see, here for the chance to appear on the UNICEF art gallery website.