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What's so unique about Freddy and Co?

What's so unique about Freddy and Co?

Explore the unique benefits of our play mats and how they've become a delightful addition to homes, blending both playfulness for children and style for parents...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Freddy & Co's reversible TPU baby play mats. Join us on the journey of exploring the unique benefits of our play mats and how they've become a delightful addition to homes, blending both playfulness for children and style for parents.

Our Journey:

baby play mats

Seven years ago, the seeds of Freddy & Co were planted in the soil of necessity and innovation. Picture this – a brand-new home, parents eager to create an environment that was both aesthetically pleasing and engaging for their little one, and a market filled with play mats that resembled, in their words, "clown vomit." With a background in education, the founders recognised the need for a play mat that struck the perfect balance.

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And thus, Freddy & Co was born, a brand fuelled by the desire to offer play mats that harmonise with modern home décor. The journey started with the realization that parents deserved a product that was not only vibrant and exciting for children but also seamlessly integrated into the overall design of a home.

The result? Reversible TPU baby play mats that embody the spirit of fun on one side and elegance on the other.

The Dual Design Philosophy:

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Our play mats feature engaging designs on one side, carefully crafted to spark the imagination of little ones. From playful animals to interactive patterns, each element is designed to create an invitation for children to explore and enjoy their playtime to the fullest. But that's not all – flip the mat over, and you'll discover a neutral interior design that seamlessly fits into any home décor.

Benefits of Freddy & Co Play Mats:

  1. Encouraging Play and Exploration: The vibrant and thoughtfully designed patterns on the play mat stimulate a child's curiosity, encouraging them to explore and engage with their surroundings. The play-friendly atmosphere created by our mats fosters cognitive development and sensory exploration.
  2. Home Décor Friendly: We understand the importance of a well-designed home. The reverse side of our play mats is a testament to this, offering parents a stylish and neutral option that effortlessly complements modern interior design trends.

Creating a Play-Friendly Space:

colourful play room design inspiration

Now that you've discovered the wonders of our play mats, let's talk about how to create a play-friendly space for your little ones. Incorporate soft cushions, introduce colourful storage solutions, and consider adding interactive toys to enhance the play experience.

As we continue our journey, Freddy & Co remains committed to designing products that enhance the joy of parenting. Our play mats are not just pieces of décor; they're invitations to a world of imagination and discovery.

Join us in making playtime extraordinary for your little ones, because at Freddy & Co, we believe that every moment is an opportunity for joy and learning!