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How Real Families Are Using Their Play Mats

How Real Families Are Using Their Play Mats

There's nothing we love more than scrolling through our Instagram feed and seeing how real families are using their play mats! 

We have an amazing community of families that share their play mat activities, tips and tricks everyday on our account

Here are some of our latest favourites:

The Cost Effective Tip from Mum of Seven

cost saving baby room idea
The clever mum of @seven.little.xplorers transforms her play room with our dual-sided play mats. She shows how easy it is to flip the mat for an entirely new looking space and to create a whole different play area for your kids. Not only is it a super quick and easy way to overcome 'play space boredom' but its also cost effective, which for many is so important right now. 

What the space transform here.

Multi-level Play Idea For Pre-Walking

pre-walking play idea for babies

Mum Ashleigh from gave her 10 month old this genius play idea to encourage walking. To set up, she placed a bowl of balls next to their play lounge and a Fat Brains InnyBin on top of the lounge, encouraging her 10 month old to pick the balls up and then stand up to put them in the InnyBin. 

Watch how it all unfolded here.

Using Neutral Play Mat Side for Colour Play

pink baby play mat

So many families are tagging us in their colour play activities using their neutral side of their play mat! We're loving this colour sorting activity from @lylah_raine_ and this fun, colour and gross motor skills activity from

Outdoors Play with Your Play Mat

outdoor play mat for kids

Did you know you can take your paly mat outside? We are currently caravanning around Australia and taking a play mat with us was a must! It's perfect to set up in an outdoor areas as a soft play space or picnic spot. @raising.little.ritchies has recently also been loving their outdoor play mat time too! Check out their set up here

If you're a parent and need some inspiration on ways to use your play mats - our Instagram community are THE BEST - check out their ideas here and make sure to 'follow' to get the latest play and parenting tips. 

If you have an idea, tip or trick - we'd love to see it! Post it up on your Instagram account and tag us and we'll make sure to share it... you might even get a mention in our next blog!