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Create an Exciting Play Space: How to Choose the Perfect Play Mat for Your Children's Playroom

Create an Exciting Play Space: How to Choose the Perfect Play Mat for Your Children's Playroom

Here are my tips on designing a playroom that's not only safe but also fun!

This week I’m missing our play room! A space that was put together for the kids enjoyment and to store all their bits and pieces. So I thought I’d share some tips on designing a playroom that's not only safe but also fun. Plus the one essential element that can't be overlooked — the play mat.

A play mat offers a comfy and secure surface for our little adventurers, plus it has some awesome benefits like cushioning falls and reducing noise. So, let's dive into the exciting world of play mats and discover how to choose the absolute best play mat for your children's playroom!

 benefits of a baby play mat

  1. Size and Shape: Room for Endless Fun
    Okay, let's start with the basics. Measure your playroom space and find a play mat that fits just right. You don't want it to take up the whole room, but you also don't want it to feel like a tiny island. Don't forget to consider the shape too — rectangular, or round! If you have the space we always suggest the rectangle as there is more space for several children or for you to join in too.
  2. Material and Safety: All About Peace of Mind and Safety first, right?
    Look out for play mats made from non-toxic materials. We want our kids to have a blast without any harmful chemicals getting in the way. TPU is non-toxic, cushioned and easy to clean. Plus our TPU play mats are designed to be reversible. It's a win-win!
  3. Thickness and Comfort
    Picture this: your little ones giggling and rolling around on a plush play mat. Bliss, right? Aim for a mat that's just the right cushioning — so it provides that perfect blend of comfort and support. Too soft and they sink. Too dense and it won’t cushion. After all, we want them to enjoy their playtime to the fullest!
  4. Design and Visual Appeal: Spark Their Imagination.
    Let's make your playroom a visual wonderland! Instead of 50 shades of beige, choose a play mat that matches the theme and style of the room. With a plethora of colours, patterns, and themes to choose from, you can create a play space that's both eye-catching and educational. Think: alphabets, indigenous artworks, or cool road and town designs — let their imaginations run wild! The bonus of having a reversible side means you can always flip it over if you want to calm down the space.
  5. Easy Maintenance: Cleaning Made a Breeze
    We all know playrooms can turn into chaos in the blink of an eye. Which is why it's crucial to pick a play mat that's a breeze to clean and maintain. Look for mats that are waterproof and stain-resistant, so spills and accidents can be quickly wiped away. 
  6. Portability and Storage: Fun on the Go
    Sometimes, playtime adventures happen outside the playroom too! If you need a portable option or want to store the mat easily, go for lightweight mats that are easy to pack away. At Freddy & Co, our TPU play mats come with Velcro straps so you can simply roll them up to store them away.

There you have it, fellow parents! Choosing the perfect play mat for your children's playroom is all about combining safety, comfort, and of course lots of fun! By considering factors like size, material, thickness, design, maintenance, and portability, you'll create a play space that sparks their imagination and supports their growth. So go ahead, invest in a top-notch play mat, and watch your little adventurers thrive in a safe and exciting environment. Let the playtime magic begin!

Here's to hoping your play time is fun and your coffee is hot,
Amanda x

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