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Activity ideas for preschoolers

preschooler activities

Ever been stuck for activity ideas for preschoolers?

Have you attended a community event that has really captured your child’s interests? It may have been a day at the local show, an aquarium visit, a bush-walk or even something so simple as a bus ride. We are constantly exposing our children to different experiences. Why not build upon these experiences using simple activities to encourage deeper learning?

We scored tickets to the NASA exhibition in Brisbane.

Foil space boots

Homemade foil space boots

home made astronaut suit

When your mum is super crafty.. or you could use an ice bucket on your head.

Mr 3 was most excited to attend with his cousin. In the lead up, I presented a range of activities to identify the boys’ prior knowledge, stimulate their curiosity and get them excited for the big outing.  I borrowed a range of fiction and non-fiction books from our local library. We watched the moon landing which the boys recreated using dress-ups I had made (an ice-cream container helmet and foil boots will do the trick). They used play dough to represent what they thought the moon looked like (purchase here – also check out their freebies too). Bath time was fun with planet bath bombs. The night was topped off by star gazing using the SkyView Lite App and some astronaut freeze-dried ice-cream. We use the outing as inspiration for all our activity ideas for preschoolers.

activity ideas preschoolers

Using the play dough boards to create moon landing scenes (with our Australian Alphabet play mat below)

The boys had been exposed to lovely rich language and terminology through each of these activities and therefore, developed questions that were answered during the visit to the exhibition. Furthermore, the NASA exhibition had so much more relevance for them now. They had a blast!

After the NASA visit, the boys created their own spacecrafts for their toys using a range of recyclable materials we had collected. Only minimal adult input was required as interest levels were high. Discussions related to Space continued for weeks.

You can use everyday experiences as rich learning opportunities. The possibilities are limitless. Just keep it simple and let your child run with it. Child-led learning at its best!

Looking for some adventure to get you started?

Check out your local councils events page to stay on top of free events in your area. If you’ve already exhausted your local museums and exhibitions, here are some other ideas for outings in your nearest city: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth

Even the smallest idea can create lots of activities and play inspo for the coming weeks….

box construction space ship

The boys made a space ship but you could make a bus, train or boat depending on your little ones interest.

Farm visit- Create a pig washing station using toothbrushes and soap. Bake using items from a farm, learn about where different produce comes from. Make a farm using blocks and items found in nature.

Bus ride– Design your own bus (why not a flying bus?). Furthermore, you could make up a story about the day in the life of a bus, make a bus from a box for your toys.

Aquarium visit– Make your own aquarium out of boxes. Also try water play, hide sea creatures in the bath (add a little blue food colouring and bubbles), imaginative play under the sea, collage.

Bush-walk– Use items from nature to create a collage. Also hunt for items in nature or create a list of things to spot. Pack a backpack to take on a bush walk, research animals you might see in the area. There may even be some guided walks in your area such as this one from Brisbane City Council.

Beach visit– Sing songs about the ocean. Sand and water play, create a jellyfish using a shower cap and cellophane tentacles. Finally, discuss the importance of sun safety and dress a toy accordingly, discuss beach safety and role play where it is safe to swim.


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