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Getting your play mat to settle

Australian alphabet sage green baby play mat

How to get your play mat to settle?

When your play mat first arrives you may find that you unroll it, and it re curls at the ends. This is totally normal as our play mats are stored in the rolled position in their boxes throughout the warehouse and shipping process. Play mats can take up to a month to settle. To help your play mat to settle into the flat position quickly, there are a few things you can try.

rolled play mats

Get your play mat to settle more quickly…

Make use of heavy items such as cook books

Positioning matters. Once you have unrolled your play mat, place it with the top of the curve up so the natural weight of the play mat forces the curve to flatten out. Then sit some flat heavy items such as cook books or wooden chopping boards on the curved edge to further flatten out. The longer you leave the heavy items on the curled edges the faster it will flatten out.

Re-rolling in the opposite direction to get your play mat to settle

If you are finding your play mat still hasn’t settled after having heavy items on it. Try “counter rolling” it by rolling it back up in the opposite direction so the curl is forced backwards. Put the straps back on and leave it over night or for a couple of days to ensure that your play mat has time to lose the curl.

round road car play mat

Finally, give it a good scrunch in opposite direction 

No need to be gentle. Hold the edge of your play mat with the curl forced into the opposite direct and give it a good scrunch with your hands. You are trying to warm up the material and help the foam to lose the memory of the curl. Once you have done this you can leave something heavy while its folded in the opposite direction for a short period of time. Then repeat the above steps.

To see these methods in action check out our youtube video and be sure to subscribe to our channel here.


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