Self Care in Pregnancy


Just found out you’re pregnant? Congratulations! Getting pregnant is a colossal milestone in life. But, now what do you do? What are the next steps after achieving pregnancy success? Are you ready for the changes that are coming ahead in this beautiful journey?

If yes, then lets chat about self care in pregnancy and ways to get your pregnancy off to the best start!

Schedule A Check-Up

First things first, schedule a check-up for yourself. During this test, your doctor or ob-gyn will go over issues, such as you and your families’ health history.

doctors appointment

Make sure to bring a list of any questions you may have. Your visit should cover anything you’re worried about, from screening for any health conditions that can affect pregnancy to screening for pregnancy fitness.

Start Eating Healthy

Tired of flipping through the never-ending pages of a medical book trying to figure out what to eat during pregnancy? If yes, you’re on the right webpage. Healthy eating keeps you feeling better and gives your baby the essential supplements needed to grow and develop.

The best food to eat when you are pregnant are those that are packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients. Sometimes morning sickness may make you feel more like a Big Mac or a creamy donut but it’s best to maintain a healthy diet as much as possible.

healthy habits

Best and Worst Foods to Eat During Pregnancy [1]

When creating your healthy diet plan, you’ll need to focus on whole foods that give you higher levels of the good stuff, for example,



Vitamins and minerals

Healthy fats

Complex starches

Fiber and liquids

Here are a few highly nutritious foods to eat when you’re pregnant to help ensure you’re hitting those supplement goals.

Water, water, water.

Fresh fruits & vegetables

Lean protein


Starchy foods (carbohydrates)

Dairy products, especially yogurt


Hydration is crucial! While recommending the best foods to eat when pregnant, remember a few things a pregnant woman should remove from the menu.


Seafood high in mercury

Limit caffeine intake

Limit foods high in sugar

Unpasteurized (raw) milk

* Fish with high mercury, such as (bigeye fish, marlin, orange roughy, shark, ruler mackerel, swordfish, or tilefish.)

no alcohol

Exercise Regularly

Moving your body is another incredible way to stay healthy during pregnancy. Strive to get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise for an average of 150 minutes every week. Exercising will help you maintain a healthy weight.

Folic Acid — food for baby’s nervous system

Folic acid or folate is a B vitamin [2] that plays a vital role in synthesising nucleic acids during pregnancy. It forms the baby’s brain and spine. Its deficiency can lead to neural tube defects (spina bifida), cleft lip, and congenital heart disease. [3]

It is essential to start folic acid before pregnancy (three months before conception) and continue until the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. The recommended dose of folic acid is 400[4] micrograms per day.

Revamp Your Wardrobe

You have no clue how much your body will change during and after pregnancy. How do you figure out how to look (and feel) presentable? The answer is the proper clothes! Here’s your closet scheme:

  • Go Drapey 

A pregnant and a new mother’s body is in a condition of transition that can be hard to dress.

Wearing tops and dresses that drape over and away from your belly, as opposed to fitting firmly, is a perfect choice. Shirt dresses, Empire-waist dresses, tunics, and tops with ruching are all incredible alternatives.

pregnant outfit

  • Keep Your Footwear Comfortable

As your body transforms, you need to feel as comfortable as possible and what you wear dramatically affects that. As the months’ progress, you may see your feet and lower legs beginning to swell. This can be a significant source of uneasiness, so pick your footwear accordingly– a good pair of sandals will be both comfy and cute.

Pause for a moment and take a deep breath

This is a defining moment…, likely one you’ll think back on for a long time to come. So, get excited- the fun is just starting!


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