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Town and car track with reverse sand beige play mat design.

The NEW Look ultimate reversible car and road with sand beige play mat. This car mat is inspired by our childhood with road and town features. Australian designed this car play mat is now available with a neutral and natural reverse to suit modern home decor. Furthermore, the town features familiar sights such as the police station, school, hospital, airport, parks and even a farm. This stimulates your little ones imagination and provides them opportunities to develop independent play as they grow.

Car play mat features:

This waterproof and reversible play mat is padded to provide a safe place for your little one. As part of our focus on designing a mat to suit parents and babies, we have a range of reverse options for you to choose something that compliments your home. Our new designs, this Sand Safari and our green Sage Safari are our newest designs in the Roadtrip family. We also have Blue Diamond and our most popular Grey Geo , therefore, providing an option for everyone. Finally, we also have Roadtrip round baby playmat available.

Additional large padded playmat info:

Freddy and Co play mats are made from non-toxic waterproof polyurethane (TPU) material making this a safe foam playmat. This has been tested to EU and USA international standards as there are no mandatory tests in Australia. Therefore, you can feel secure in providing a safe place for your baby, free from heavy metals, pthalates, and BPA. Finally the unique cushioned design provides a soft padded experience for your little one to explore their physical world. These play mats are perfect for tummy time, as babies learn to push up, roll and eventually crawl. Freddy and Co foam play mats also provide a safe space for your little one to learn to sit, stand and walk. Finally, our large reversible baby playmats are waterproof making them perfect as a messy playmat.

For more information about your Freddy and Co play mat please visit our FAQ page here. Each Freddy and Co play mat is printed manually and therefore the repeat pattern will be unique to every play mat. Because of this you may notice a slight variation in the colour also.  Our baby play mats are non toxic and therefore will have some form of colour change over time. The colour change and timing is all subject to the amount of exposure your play mat has to heat and light. Worrying about the hours of clean up required after no nappy time, messy play and snack time is a thing of the past with our easy to clean and waterproof baby play mat.

Dimensions: Large Reversible Sand Beige Play Mat

Length: 2m, Width: 1.4m, Thickness: 1.5cm, Weight 4.2kg.

Material: Non-toxic Polyurethane (TPU)

This large reversible playmat should be stored rolled in its original box (make sure you also keep the straps). A perfect play space for play, reading, no nappy time and even a bit of family yoga. Plus their waterproof nature means their easy to clean. Winning!

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Our baby play mats are made from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) lightweight and easy to reverse so that you can make the most of both our child focused and décor friendly designs. Freddy & Co playmats are also waterproof, non-toxic, educational, and create an inviting play space which stimulates your baby. They are easy to clean (see our cleaning instructions below). This product is not suitable for prolonged outdoor use as moisture, sunlight and rough surfaces can cause damage.


Freddy and Co playmats are made from a non-toxic TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material. This makes the baby play mat soft and easy to clean. The padded playmat’s foam core provides cushioning to provide a soft play space. TPU is a light weight, flexible material which is durable, and our mats have passed international testing and are free from heavy metals, phthalates and formaldehyde.


Shipping is currently Australia wide using the fastest available Courier company. We do not ship to PO Boxes. To find your shipping cost, search using your postcode in the check out. Additional charges apply to international sales, please contact us for a quote.


As our mats are waterproof, they can easily be cleaned using a soft damp cloth. Ensure all spills and liquids are wiped up immediately as your playmat should not be left damp (extended exposure to moisture can result in mould). For harder to clean messes such as those caused by food a mild detergent can also be used. We recommend a deep clean weekly to maximise your playmats life (read this for more information). Please do not use any abrasive chemicals or scrubbing utensils on your mat as these may cause damage.


Due to their soft and flexible nature, Freddy and Co mats can be folded for short periods of time if required (E.g. to fit in your car for travel). However, if left folded for extended periods of time your mat may form creases which will take days to months to come out, we do not recommend storing for periods of longer than 3 days folded. For longer periods of storage time, your mat should be stored rolled, the cartoon provided is the best place for this. Keep the Velcro straps from the original packaging as these can be used to secure your playmat.

Caring for your playmat

The properties of TPU playmats which make them soft and supportive to babies and young children make them susceptible to damage from sharp objects. Sharp items such as pet claws, tools, metal toys with sharp edges, stiletto heels etc. should not be used on the mat as they risk damage. Furthermore, some fading and colour change will occur over time. Due to the soft flexible nature of your mat, sitting heavy furniture on it will cause dints in the material which may be permanent if the internal structures are damaged. We do not recommend that you place any heavy objects on your mat.


Our play mats come with a six month manufacturing warranty. It is important to check your play mat carefully upon opening and notify us immediately if you suspect a fault. Manufacturing faults should be notified within 48-hours of opening. Items with faults covered under warranty will be replaced dependent on stock availability.
  • Safe For Babies
  • Non Toxic
  • BPA Free
  • Non Slip
  • Cushioned
  • Designed in Australia
  • Easy To Clean