The best pregnancy resources…

pregnant with third child

Looking for info? Are these the best pregnancy resources to try?

When it comes to being pregnant the first time there are so many changes happening in your body, questions that you have, and a huge overwhelm of information being thrown at you. But what pregnancy resources should you trust? When I was first pregnant with Freddy back in 2015 (has it really been that long!!), I was given a bunch of pregnancy books. While these were awesome and I read some of them in my first pregnancy, these days information seems to be more readily available in different forms of media.

Books: original pregnancy resources

I’m going to start with books but lets be real, its 2021 and a lot of people don’t buy them anymore because info is continuously getting outdated. But here were a few that I read…

pregnancy resources book

What to expect when you’re expecting by Heidi Murkoff

It’s such a classic that they even made a movie inspired by the title. Full of practical information and tips, there is a reason this one has stood the test of time. Being laid out in weeks it was also exciting to know what was coming or to read an explanation on what I was experiencing and know it was normal.

Kaz Cooke: Up the duff

Popular in Aus and NZ this one is full of laughs and giggles. It’s not a strict advice guide. But rather a funny insight into pregnancy, birth and the reality of life with a baby.  This one was an enjoyable read as much as a practical read.

Podcast: modern pregnancy resources

podcast pregnancy resource

Australian Birth Stories:

Hugely popular, I wish I had found these guys when I was pregnant with Freddy. Thankfully by the time I was pregnant with Ruby (eek this time last year) I was well versed in finding podcasts l loved. This is a podcast where real women are sharing stories of their pregnancy and childbirth. Hosted by Sophie Walker it is a weekly show which leaves you feeling inspired and empowered like you have had a conversation with a friend. They also have a great website you can check out for extra pregnancy resources.

TV shows:

tv shows to watch pregnant

One born every minute

I don’t know why but I feel silly mentioning this one but I actually found it insanely useful. I started watching it late in my pregnancy with Freddy as I prepared for birth. Making sure I saw a range of episodes with different birthing experiences. I felt a little more prepared for all of the possible outcomes. Vaginal, emergency c-section, planned c-section. I didn’t want to feel blindsided by what was coming and in a lot of ways I think this helped as I’d never seen real laboring before, only the hopeless unrealistic Hollywood version.

The reality of pregnancy resources….

pregnant with third child

Pregnancy and birth while significant, ultimately are such a small moment of time for your new little humans life. It’s what comes after that also needs focus. With bringing home a baby, raising an infant, toddler and having them grow into a pre-schooler. It is beyond pregnancy and birth that truly tests your resolve. That’s why at Freddy & Co we don’t just create products for one short part of your child’s life but rather design with your child’s journey in mind.

Getting ready for school

Do you have a little one to get ready for school? Last year was Freddy’s first year of primary school and it wasn’t until we started that I truly got a sense of how big the jump from kindy to school really was. So here are some things to think about before school starts.

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Free family activities

As the summer holidays are fast approaching we are always looking for fun free family activities and little adventures to take with our little people. Here are some free family activities you can do anywhere this summer.

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Christmas Message from Freddy & Co

We wish you all the happiest of Christmas and hope that you are able to give your loved ones a big hug and spend time together. Thank you for your support in 2021 and we look forward to 2022.

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