Having three children… thoughts, questions, doubts

Blue geo baby play mat

Three children… what are we thinking?

The Freddy & Co family is extending to five.  Yep we are expecting our third.  While it is super exciting, I am cautious as to how the dynamic will change and the chaos that will ensue.  I have been bailing up every Mum at the parks and asking them what life is like with three children.  Most look reasonably tired, well lets be honest, you could be tired having just one kid.  Some say it is great, but is it really….as I look back perplexed, hoping they can see my thoughts piercing their brain.

having three children


I’m the self appointed logistics man at Freddy & Co, so I’ve been approaching the third kid

from a different angle.  How are the car seats going to fit in?  Is our car big enough?  How are we going to get them to sport on a weekend when one kid is at Carina, one supposed to be at Capalaba and the other is due to kick off in one hour at Albany Creek? How are we going to juggle the bed situation at our house? Who moves where?

And that’s before the panic sets in about the financial implications of having three children sets in. You don’t want to get me started on that.

The reality of three children…

But does it really matter? Shouldn’t I just be delighted and grateful that MRS Freddy & Co can bring another healthy baby in to this world.  Well I am.  But now the panic sets in.  How am I going to raise this one?  Do I do the same stuff as I did with Freddy & PJ?  Or should I look at a new direction? What works and what should I change?  Wow.  Now lets be honest, after reading this you know I had already thought about this before committing to having a third child.  But it doesn’t make it any more daunting.  But one thing is for sure, if you smile and support each other, we will have one very happy kid who will grow surrounded by love.  A big salute to all you three plus kid parents, you are the true heroes.  Now send me your tips!

baby playmats freddy and co family

Family of 5 coming March 2021… This pic was a year ago now.. (shown with the Large Floral play mat)

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