Hand-me-downs: The Best & Worst of it…

hand-me-down toys on grey geo play mat

Lets talk hand-me-downs….

So for the past two weeks Freddy has been obsessed with a Lightening McQueen Duplo (Lego) set. It used to belong to his older cousins and during our last few visits Freddy has fallen in love. It got us chatting about the best (and the worst) hand-me-downs we have been given.

Some things are great and can save us both time and money; on the other hand it is not ok to unload unwanted and unusable stuff on others (especially an expecting mama).

So here are some of the best as mentioned by you guys on our Instagram @freddy.and.co.

The Best hand-me-downs

Baby clothes

When Freddy was born I was lucky enough to get some hand-me-downs from my sister in law (yep the family I mentioned above) who has two boys and a girl that are older than mine. It makes it so much easier for those early new born days where they are only in some sizes for two weeks. Baby suits are expensive and when they are wearing them for such a short space of time they don’t wear out. What I didn’t get from my SIL I bought.

Luckily I have had 4 other close friends go on to have boys in the last few years and we have passed the bag of boys clothes on to each new little bub as its arrived adding to it each time. PJ (our bub number 2) is back into it and many new adorable outfits have been added to the pile. And if you have adorable overalls in your babies wardrobe. Pass them on!! Everyone needs some cute baby overalls in their life (yep I’m talking to my girls there 😉)

Baby in overalls on Road play mat

PJ rocking his hand-me-down overalls. Too small but we love them so much. On his Roadtrip/Marble Tile play mat.


If you can get any of your big ticket items secondhand I seriously suggest it. Other than the Lightening McQueen set I already mentioned, we have been given a ‘Little Tykes Cosy Coupe’, scooter, lots of Lego, wooden toy work bench and trucks. Freddy has loved them all. And the best part – if he doesn’t like them… I either return to the donor or pass them on to the op shop. A win for all!



In our house we have children’s books everywhere. Freddy often has 3-4 books each night before bed and is constantly bringing me new ones to read during the day. I’m trying to encourage his reading and we get really excited when we get given books. We’ve just been given a big box of proper mini novels for when he’s a little older and I can’t wait to give them to him. So many of you said you love getting books too (with a few exceptions we’ll get to…).


Maternity pillow

Yep – if you’re like me these things are essential in pregnancy. Unfortunately, they are giant and bulky and you don’t use them once the baby comes. Passing these along means you get the comfort when you need it without the bother of trying to store it. I’ve even had a few friends pass these back and forth.


Baby on play mat in hand-me-downs

Baby Billy is the 4th baby to rock these adorable overalls on his Roadtrip/ Blue Geo play mat.

The Worst hand-me-downs:


Yes, we mentioned toys above because, hey who doesn’t like a new (to you) toy to play with. These become the worst when they are (A) Broken, (B) Filthy or (C) given to the child directly without talking to the parents… Let’s remember our friends and families houses aren’t a graveyard for the cheap toys of Christmases past. If its got lots of life left in it then definitely, but if it’s so run down your own children don’t want to touch it then probably no one else does either.


Used Colouring books

Seriously! Some poor soul in our Insta family got given a bunch of used, scribbled in and torn colouring books. At $2 for a branded book at kmart no-one is that desperate.


Used maternity underwear

Seriously I feel bad for the woman who got given a bag full used undies… just because they are maternity doesn’t mean you go handing bags of your used undies to friends ☹ especially if you used them post partum! On a side note – this doesn’t include maternity feeding bras which some of you found useful.


Puzzles with missing pieces

Thankfully my SIL is thoughtful and checked all the puzzles she gave us recently before she sent them over. Unfortunately some of you weren’t so lucky. Nothing worse than getting to the end of a puzzle and realising pieces are missing ☹


So as you can probably tell, there’s a lot that falls into both Best and Worst category. I guess the way I like to think of it… if its stained, ripped or missing pieces and you don’t want it because of it… then its likely no one else will want it either.


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