Christmas Message from Freddy & Co


Yes, I’m so excited that my favorite time of year is here again and that means its time to write our family Christmas message.

So here it is, our family Christmas message…..2021 has sure given us a fun ride. Our little family has grown from two big people and two little with the arrival of baby Ruby in March. And oh those scrunchy little newborn faces, she was the luckiest little girl getting covered in love by her big brothers.

The business

But this year our business has also grown. We have gone from being a baby play mat business that also sells towels, to now carrying our range of silicone toys and feeding products, gather sacks to take our play adventures on the road or contain a mess and our nursery range also coming in the new year. Plus our much anticipated World Map play mat arrived and we loved it. Phew. No wonder we are exhausted.

world map play mat baby

Our family Christmas message

Freddy had his first year of school, PJ has finally turned into the chatterbox we knew he could be and baby Ruby is growing way too quickly. Matt has come full time into the Freddy & Co family business and now answers all of your inquiries plus packs all of your orders. And I’m still making lunchboxes, writing blogs and doing the busy behind the scenes stuff.

However, we know this year has also brought challenges for many of our families in the Freddy and Co family. We have seen the battle of rolling lockdowns, home schooling and families separated by borders. I cannot wait to hug my 89 year old Grandma when the QLD / NSW border finally opens!

Where did the year go?

And then before you know it a New Year will be upon us. One that will be filled with more family fun times, sharing our play and parenting journey. With a bunch of new products to be released next year too. We are already excited and looking forward to 2022. Let’s make it a fun one. Before you know it 12 months will pass and I’ll be writing another Family Christmas message.

We wish you all the happiest of Christmas and hope that you are able to give your loved ones a big hug and spend time together. Thank you for all of your support in 2021 and we are looking forward to sharing more adventures with you all in the new year.

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