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7 piece Silicone Baby feeding set | Bear Plate, Bowl, Place-mat

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Ultimate 7 piece Silicone baby feeding set.  

If you love our bibs, this silicone baby feeding set is for you.

7 piece set includes: Place-mat, plate, bowl, fork, spoon, cup and our much loved bib.

Our silicone baby feeding set is made from 100% high quality food grade silicone. Our silicone baby feeding set is free from BPA, Lead, Phthalates and other nasties. It is soft, durable and lightweight to stop your little one turning dinner time into a disaster zone. The handy place mat catches spills. Or you can use the silicone base of the bowl and plate to suction straight onto your baby's high chair. The silicone is also naturally bacteria resistant and low allergy making them perfect for introducing solids to your baby. Furthermore, the handy addition of spoon and fork means they will grow with your child as they learn to independently feed.

Silicone baby feeding set:

The bowl and plate have suctions bases making them ideal for little ones who love to throw food. The base is designed to suction to smooth surfaces. Furthermore, they are microwave safe and easy to clean. Therefore, to clean simply wash them in warm soapy water or pop them in the top shelf of the dishwasher. This makes cleaning your sets easy!


Placemat: ready to catch all those spills 34 cm length x 24 cm wide

Plate: with deep sides for little feeding beginners 3.5 cm deep x 17 cm diameter

Bowl: easy to scoop depth 12 cm diameter x 5 cm tall

Cutlery (x2): Fork and spoon with easy to grip handles 14 cm long

Bib: with a catch all pocket 20 cm wide x 15 cm from bottom to neck opening

Cup: press on lid and straw to reduce spills 9 cm tall x 6 cm diameter

Best use:

To maximise suction of the plate and bowl, ensure the surface is smooth and clean. However, if the suction isn't working to its best simply wipe the base with a damp cloth first as moisture helps to create a stronger seal. Finally, please note that the suction works best on non-porous plastic high chairs, glass and smooth stone table.

The cup is designed to reduce spills and is designed for little hands. It has a press on lid and is a great learner cup for toddlers transitioning to normal cups. 


Your silicone plates will be shipped by Australia Post or a courier company at Freddy & Co's discretion. 

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