Baby playmat: 5 uses for your play mat

floral baby playmat

Baby playmat in action

We have seen so many wonderful stories and pics lately on our Instagram showing all the ways you are using your baby playmat.  Here are a few of ours faves in case you are looking for further inspiration.

Baby play mat tummy time

tummy time baby playmat

Tummy time practice on the Sage Safari playmat

From a only a few weeks old babies can be placed on our baby playmats to start exploring their physical world. Tummy time is essential for neck, back and upper body strength development. It is how they learn to roll and start reaching all their physical milestones.


Does your little one cry during tummy time? Here are some things to try which might help make it a more enjoyable experience. 1. Lying on your tummy next to them and reading,talking or singing them a song. 2. Placing a mirror in front of them. This worked a treat with my eldest who loved looking in the mirror.  3. Placing a toy in front of them which makes noise. Focusing their attention onto an object rather than the feeling of being on their tummy often soothes little ones as they get used to the sensation of tummy time.


Play time on your baby playmat

play time baby playmat

Tea parties with baby on our Sand Safari baby playmat

By far the most popular. Our children’s designs have all been inspired with play in mind. And everyone is so creative with how their little ones play.

From newborns doing tummy time to toddlers exploring with cars, blocks, books, and just about any toy, this baby playmat provides a safe space for exploring and using their imaginations.

Encouraging open ended imaginative play is excellent for creativity, social skills and problem solving. Finally, your little one will be refining gross and fine motor skills, practicing verbal skills and most importantly be exploring their understanding of spacial awareness.

No nappy time

Little one needing some air time but you don’t want the carpet getting soaked by the inevitable toileting accident? Your Freddy & Co baby playmat is waterproof. Just make sure you are cleaning it up straight away to avoid damaging your mat if it is left there too long (of course – you don’t want your little one lying in it anyway). Clean up the excess with paper towel then wipe your mat with a soft cloth and warm soapy water.

Picnics and baby led weaning

Babies learning to eat make such a mess!! And picnics are such a fun way to get your little one to explore new foods. Here is where our waterproof playmats come in extra handy. Therefore, you can wipe them straight down with a soft cloth and warm soapy water (we use Earth Choice dish liquid in our house). And if you are near a hose you can always take it outside for a sneaky hose off instead.

Exercise and stretching on your baby playmat

Thankfully this ones for you parents. Your Freddy & Co baby playmat is also designed for you. You can flip it over for a neutral pattern once the kids aren’t using it and it makes for a great place to practice some yoga and pilates, or have a stretch. Finally, I’ve even been tagged in some pics of parents having a sneaky nap here too 😊

And keep those tags coming on Instagram. We love checking out all the ways you are loving your Freddy & Co baby playmat.

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